Friday, 14 February 2014

Milaap - Kishore Phanindra and Group

These instances are few situations which we come across in our daily life now or then. I am sure all of you can relate to one of these incidences.

Instance 1 :

You/Me :"Mom, I have to go to XYZ tuition classes for Maths. Radhika told me that faculty in that  tuition classes are really good and clears the basic concepts and make Maths your friend. I want to      join it."
Mom: "But isn't it the most expensive classes in the town?
You/Me: "So what do you mean, Ma? I want to join that and that's it."
Mom: "Okay, but you better do well in your exams!"

Studying in a flashy and expensive tuition class has become the latest fad.

Instance 2:

You/Me: "I want to go to USA for further studies!"
A Friend: "Isn't it expensive?"
You/Me: "Yeah it is! But I will try to get as much scholarship I can. I am studying hard for same."
A Friend: "I really want to know that if you get a say 100% scholarship, will it be entirely free?"
You/Me: "I wish. No dear, you still need to have a good bank balance. Just a few lakhs!"

For studying in colleges in any part of the world, money is not the constraint for many of us. 

Instance 3:

In many MBA colleges, this is a usual story::

You/Me: "Whats your background?"
Student 1: "I have done MBBS. Now, I want to get into management side of hospitals."
Student 2: "I have done B.Tech in civil."
Student 3: "I have done BBA."
Student 4: "I have done Hotel Management."
Student 5: "I have done B.Com."
Student 6: "I am pursuing CA along with MBA -Fin."
And the list goes on.

We, who are blessed with well-to-do parents, have option to follow one dream and then when it seems far-fetched then follow another. We don't worry about the financial side of taking up a career and then changing it with some 180 deg or 360 deg. 

Instance 4 

This is something which is happening throughout India. 
Well-to-parents and their not-so-capable child's aspiration to study in some prestigious college, has given birth to the spreading disease called - DONATION. 

How much ever be the donation amount, no body bothers much to shell out that amount.

But there are many people in the world, who just want one chance, want to study one particular subject and they would earn their living from it. 

Meet - Kishore, Nikhil and Divya!

They are youngsters in the age-range of 21-23 hailing from Hyderabad and have humble family background. Their families have supported them and helped them complete their graduation degree. These students are looking forward to a job now. However, for the desired job, they have to compete with a large pool of graduates looking for similar jobs and with similar qualifications. To set themselves apart, they wish to undergo a JAVA training program designed by Talent Sprint. By completing this training program, they can enhance their knowledge and technical skills which would ease the process of them getting the job. These youngsters request a loan of Rs. 87,000 for that training program. They are sure to get the job post-training with which they can start helping out their families who have supported them till now.

We are fortunate enough that God has blessed us with parents who can support us till we find our dream job. Let's lend a helping hand to the needy, let's together give them a chance to find their dream job.

The money which you give as LOAN will be returned to you within SIX months. Let's together make a better tomorrow for them.

Here's the link to make your contribution: 

This post has been written for the Hope Project undertaken by Milaap on Indiblogger. 


  1. Wow what a lovely post - you have articulated the cause to well. Thanks Swarnpriya for all your support.

  2. Can you also make the link to contribute - hyperlinked so that people can just click and make their contribution?

  3. Another wonderfully written post by you!! Good work!

  4. Another wonderfully written post by you!! Good work!

    1. Thanks Pali .... Hope it inspires u to help them achieve their aim

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