Sunday, 23 February 2014

Condition Serious Hai - cases

Right from the time I start my day, there is no lack in number of people whose condition is seriously serious. Let me unfold the day along with the ones who always force me to raise my eyebrow and shout in my head..."Oh God! His/Her condition is seriously seriously serious!"

Morning: Gym time

There are just two treadmill in the gym I head to. Not that there are no other bigger gyms are there but here the crowd is good, music is good and the instructor is a complete...I repeat, a complete eye candy....I just can't think of changing my gym. It is very very goood!

The crowd is mixed. Few aunties also come there during my time interval. One of them comes in her sari (seriously, in her sari), to do the exercises. Not that I have any issues with sari, but it is dangerous to wear it while walking on treadmill or not very comfortable attire to do other exercises as well.  

She does her warm up exercises or other simple exercises till the time we come(found out from my secret sources here!) The moment we, me and my friend, enter the gym, I don't know why, she leaves everything and gets on one of the treadmill. She walks at a speed of 2-3 for 40-45 minutes. Seriously. To add to our mental trauma, those 45 minutes are not continuous walk. She takes intervals every now and then, to drink water. Really. I am telling you, her condition is seriously seriously seriously serious.

For you, Aunty: 
Aunty I know you will never read this but if you do, take it as my earnest request, please grow up! You don't need those lousy walk, you need to have some chocolates and relax.

Morning: Office

There are varied characters in the office but you really can't avoid them all. Among them, there is one typical person manages to fit in the top most position of 'condition serious hai'. Her name is - Kiran. She joined our team a few months back. She also happens to be the torchbearer of the club 'I don't know!' Whatever...whatever I asks her to do a task, she manages to put that fake and stupidest smile on her face and utters the three miraculous words..."I DON'T KNOW!" 

I really wonder who were the recruiting team who went to her college and got her on board. All the more, I always ask, "Of all the hundreds of team in the company, why did she join mine? Why?"

Not that I know everything, but at least I try to find a way to learn it. I don't depend on my seniors to spoon feed me every bit and bite of task to be done.

For you, Kiran: 
Please, understand the fact that I am not your mommy. Please either you change your team or company or I will.

Coffee Breaks: A girl Friend

I am quiet a people-friendly person and have a huge pool of friends. Some good, some weird. There is this friend of mine - Drishti (Name changed ;)) jiski condition seriously serious hai. She has a particular habit.

Whenever just two of us are there, she is normal. She is a great company to hang out with and an awesome friend. But the moment she sees any of our boy friends or as a matter of fact any other boy, she becomes Kareena Kapoor of 'Yaadein or Khusi'.

Mere presence of boys makes her fake laughter blessed by our own 'Asiwarya Rai Bachhan', her wallet get blessed by Laxmi Maa and her mind gets blessed by the 'Owl'. She becomes so pretentious in company of boys that I feel suffocated just by looking at her. Her condition is seriously seriously serious! I really don't know how to help her so I just move away with my frappe in hand.

For Drishti:
I suppose you will read this and if you realize that this is for you than please try to be you. You are a nice person, just be that. 

Office time: Over-Responsible Boss

I have had many bosses and have heard of many but this one is a peculiar case. This boss of mine has a weird habit of taking his, his project's, his neighboring project's or any other project's responsibility on his shoulder.

Of course, he doesn't do any work for the same, but he will come and start motivating us to do all the work. He would come and say, "We have to help them finish that project. We have to do it!" We just listen to him. Over responsible or just trying to put his weight in every thing where needed or not needed, he is a pain to deal with. His condition is seriously serious.

For you, boss:
I know you will not read cause you would rather go and be at your boss's feet. Maybe your salary is increasing in folds but everyone knows that actually you are not worth a penny. 

Evening Time: Phone calls

After I leave office, all my well wishers call to inquire about my well being. There is this relative of mine, who call daily just to tell me how 'bechari' she is. What all she tells me are:
  • How her maid spilled the milk or maid's complain in general
  • How she had to do all the cleaning 
  • How she works hard to cook food
  • How she wakes up in wee hours for her family
  • How her in-laws are not as good as her
  • How bad fate she has annddd sooooo onnnnn!
Aaaaaa...I am soo mad just by remembering all the things I bear when I pick up her calls. Well, I always tell my husband that her life is a complete 'daal-chawaal'. No change. No excitement.

Not that I don't share few things with my mother, but I don't become a 'bechari' how much ever work I am levied upon. I wonder how people remain a cry baby throughout their lives. Her condition is seriously serious.

For you, my relative:
I know you will not read cause you really don't have time after crying so much each and every day. But if you want to be a 'bechari', you will remain that. So, please take control of your life, just don't blame the fate for everything in life.

There are many more characters jiski condition serious hai. But they top my list of those people cause inki condition seriously seriously serious hai!

P.S.: The pun is very much intended and if you feel I have written about you, then yes you are right. Please think over it with a 5 star. I am sure, 5 star would help you think and act right. Thanks for reading and hope you apply it too!

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  1. aww the poor you !
    so much to handle in a day !
    and cry babies are a serious pain !

    all the best !

    1. Hey Disha.....I soo know! Well at this point I am being one of them ;) hahah no but indeed...this was intended for fun :)

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Not changing the gym coz of an eye candy .. Awesome ;) God, you face so many of them in a day.. How do u manage :P All the best darling for the contest and for handling these seriously serious people ;)

    1. Jyotsna you need to come and see him once....hhahahaha ;) Yeah I do....but the most irritating one is 'i don't know' coz others I can avoid some way or the other....her I can't...Need Blessings :)

      Thanks for your wishes :)