Sunday, 23 February 2014

'Condition serious hai' - Case 1

Before the bell rang, entire class was packed with students and all had their copies and pens ready. Most were revising the content taught in the last class. 'The Teacher' walked in, right in time.

Students wished him.
'The Teacher' didn't reply.

Rohit was late, again. He stood outside the door and held his breadth. He knew he had to attend the lecture. His attendance was short. He looked at the students. Everyone inside had a mischievous smile on their face. He gathered all his courage and asked, "Ex..excuse me Sir, really sorry but can I come in? Pl...Please!"

Most of the time, the reply he received was, "No." Of course, this teacher has caused his attendance shortage problem. He just prayed that he allows him today.

'The Teacher' didn't reply.

Rohit took advantage of the opportunity and entered the room with his widened eye and breadth held for that moment. It looked like he had to cross a river through a crocodile to reach to his seat. He just sat somehow.

'The Teacher' didn't speak, even a word till now.
It was quiet unusual. He looked at the class through his glass and turned. He started writing something on the black board.

Pranjal was sitting next to Rohit and he whispered in her ears, "Condition serious hai!" Pranjal giggled and shrugged him to stop talking. 

'The Teacher' was writing some numbers and some other percentage against those numbers. Entire class was clueless about what was going on. But they all were enjoying those moments. Full conversation was going on in sign language and through eye contacts. Suddenly, everyone froze.

Of course, 'The Teacher' turned and he finally broke his silence, "Do you see these? They are my semester-wise marks." All eyes widened. There was a "Oh.." sound in the air. The board read:

1 - 94%                  5 - 94%
2 - 87%                  6 - 96%
3 - 95%                  7 - 95%
4 - 95%                  8 - 94%

'The Teacher' continued, "I have been a student of this caliber. In second semester I had some family emergency due to which I had to take a month's break. So, my marks dropped down. I asked my professor whether I can repeat that semester?"

The air got more puzzled. Everyone was wondering, "What's wrong with him? Why is he telling us his marks? Is he really...gone....out of his mind?"

But no one dared to blink, leave looking at each other.

'The Teacher' continued, "My professor didn't permit me else I would have erased this mark from my life."

He paused and he had watery eyes. No one could say if it was because of anger or sorrow. He continued, "I am teacher of this caliber and one of you wrote - DUFFER, on my cabin door?"

The moment he uncovered the suspense, most of them had a look which said, "What?? Hahahah Goodness graacciouss!" They didn't breath for a while to control their laughter. While few others had a look which said, "Oh my God! Who dared to do that? How can anybody do that?" They held their breadth in deep sorrow and concern for the teacher. Everyone was avoiding any possible eye contact with fellow classmates, few cause of fear of 'The Teacher' and few cause they were afraid they won't be able to control their laughter. 

'The Teacher' was really upset with this fact. He didn't knew who did it, but he had made up his mind that one of the student of this class wrote it. A tear rolled down his eyes. He continued, "How could you people even think of such a word for me? I am the most learned person in this college. How could you? I will not teach this class henceforth."

He cleaned the board, picked his stuff and went out of the class.

As soon as he went, mummer and suppressed laughter started. Rohit was having time of his life. Not that he dared to write anything like this, but he laughed at the teacher's maddening serious attitude. Everyone was in their mood to laugh it out, when the 'Amul Butter' got up.

'Amul Butter', of course, that boy who always wanted to be in good-books of the teachers. He announced, "We need to go and apologize to Sir. We also need to convince him to take our class. He is the best faculty here."

Rohit instantly replied, "That means you wrote it on his cabin's door. Else why would you apologize? Yes, we got the culprit. Let's take him to Sir!" Although Rohit knew, people like 'Amul Butter' can not do such thing even in their wildest dreams. 

'Amul Butter' replied to this, "No, no...of course not. How can you blame me. I am not blaming anyone. But we need to find a solution to this, right? We will have to convince sir to take our class! What is the harm in saying a simple sorry and requesting him to take our class?"

Rohit looked at Pranjal and said, "Condition serious hai - case 2". They laughed. But they knew the class was slowly getting convinced with what 'Amul Butter' said. Everything got back to normal but it left a life time funny memory.

Till date no one knows who wrote that but Rohit and many others did name 'The Teacher' in their minds, "Duffer!"

First, 'The Teacher' you were the best faculty, true! But life ain't such a serious thing. We need to forgo and ignore few things in life. They are too small to bother about. I name you so cause how much ever good faculty you were, you didn't know the art of living life!

Second, 'Amul butter' please get a life ;) I know you are still the same.

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  1. Oh I agree sometimes we get too serious about things like marks, even one or two percentages here and there! Nice post on a gud note...All the best :)

    1. Hey Nabanita....true...that too if a teacher is still crying for few marks, it is a shame...Its knowledge what matters not marks!

      Thanks and same to u!