Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ms Sunshine!

'What are you doing in there? You are going to come out only after emptying entire bottle of Sunsilk or what?' Kirti yelled as she banged the bathroom door.

"Oh God! What happened? Why are you so restless?" Yamini enquired as came out and joining Kirti.

"Ahh! know it's the fresher's day, right! I don't know what to wear...I have nothing... Nothing at all! What shall I do? Let's go shopping..what do you say? Why aren't you saying something?"

"Kirti, honey you need to stop for me to start you see! Well, guess what even I have N O T H I N G for tonight! Let's go to the nearby market."

Kirti's eyes were shinning with excitement and she was holding Yamini's hand and jumping up and down in thrill!

"Yes, yes Yami I love you for this! Let's go Ms sunsilk hair! But wait we are new to this place.. How will we ever reach to the market?"

Yamini, with a confident smile said,"We will! Let's get ready! Meet you in Ten minutes downstairs. Ok!"

Both Yamini and Kirti rushed to their rooms to get dressed to hit the market! Kirti, in a simple white shirt and jeans and her Gucci green bag was waiting for Yamini. Yamini walked in gracefully with her beautiful long hair, wet and open, dressed in a yellow dress which matched her personality the best!

Yamini started talking first,"We need to get to the gate and wait for the bus. That's all I know!"
She looked at Kirti who had a blank expression on her face and the very next moment they burst into laughter.

They reached the gate. The sun was shining bright, cool and smooth wind played with their hair, their spirits were high! Young, confident and free - they resonated beauty!

Bus did arrive and they boarded it. The bus went in speed in hills with twists and turns. They had to get dropped at Singtam, the near by market, but you may call it lack of knowledge or language problem or too busy in their chit chat, they reached a far-land of Gangtok! The bus stopped and then the conductor asked them to get down as the last stop arrived, they had an anxious face!

Kirti asked,"By last stop you mean Singtam, right!"

Conductor was shocked and replied,"No madam! This is Gangtok. We crossed Singtam loong back."

"WHAT?" Both girls questioned him in shock.

"Oh God! Ar....." As soon as Kirti started, Yamini pressed her hand to shut up! She paid the conductor and they got down.

"Let's behave like it's not our first trip. Cool down. Let's sit somewhere. We'll get bus back to hostel, don't panic so much!" Yamini spoke in a anxious voice. They were new to hills and place of chilly air and different language.

"You are explaining these things to me or to yourself? I am cool! Look there, Rishab! He is in our section. A very sweet guy! Let's go!" Kirti pointed to a boy who was enjoying the beauty of Gangtok with his how cup of tea.

That was the first time when Yamini saw Rishab! Tall, fair, brand conscious, magnetic smile and an awesome watch in right hand! Yamini's heart and mind at same time said - Hmmmmm, interesting!

They went to Rishab! Kirti said,"Hey, Rishab Hi! What are you doing here, dude?"

Rishab turned and saw Yamini for the first time. Her hair was open and beautifully playing on her charismatic smiling face! She was dressed perfectly and the color suited her to the best. His heart skipped and beat and said - woooow! His mind stopped working.

"Sorry! Come again!" said Kirti, trying to read his mind.

"Hey, Kirti! Hi. What are you doing here? I came to see how this place!" Rishab paused for a while, looked at Yamini and said,"Beautiful...Beautiful place!"

He looked at Kirti for an answer, who said,"Long story short! We are new to this place! You are going to be with us for the day and help us shop and it's your social responsibility to reach us back to hostel safely!"

Rishab mind and heart together, said - Oh yes! What else do I want more in my life at this moment!
He forcibly coughed out,"Ok, as you say Kirti! And you are?"

Kirti said,"Oh yaa, you two never met! She is Yamini and Yamini he is Rishab and both of you this is Gangtok!" Yamini and Kirti burst out laughing yet again. The two strangers exchanged their greetings and the confusion of reaching to some other place ended happily. Or was it a new start! Who could say!

Yamini and Kirti shopped for their dress, matching shoes and accessories! All of these were, of course, not required, but when a girl has an excuse, a girl needs to, needs to shop! So they did!

Yamini, Kirti and Rishab boraded the bus back to college. They didn't get seats to sit so they stood near the door. Yamini's hair...beautiful, so aromatic, silky - Rishab was lost in these thoughts each time Yamini's hair touched his face. Chatting, singing, standing, sitting they reached their college.

It was already late and in fifteen minutes, the party was to start. Yamini and Kirti rushed to their rooms to get dressed in their new dress and rock the party.

The shopping was worth it. They reached the party hall on time, before the seniors officially started the introduction. They rocked the party. To add to the flavor of partying, Yamini won the title of - Ms Sunshine, for most amazing hair!

Rishab went to Yamini and said,"Ms Sunshine! Be mine!"

Yamini gave him a strange look to which Rishab explaind,"I am just kidding yaar, just rhyming words!" But both of them knew what was the truth!

They did end up a - happily ever after couple! Or was it another start!
Who can say!

P.S. - It is a true incident which happened in my college. Thanks to Sunsilk and Indiblogger for taking me to that beautiful phase of my life. Only regret is that the most beautiful time just remain in our memories and not in pictures. If only!

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