Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Milaap - Kavitha and group!

The shopping list was finally done. It was not very big. It read - 

For my cutie pie - 
1) J&J Powder
2) J&J Moisturizer
3) J&J Wipes
4) J&J cream
5) J&J soap
6) J&J shampoo
7) Pampers
8) Clothes from Mom & Me

I was excited like any other new mother, seeing my baby who was just a few days old. I had made my list consulting my sister and sis-in-law asking for things needed for the baby. I was in no mood to do any compromises and get just the best and proven products for my bundle of joy. 

I am sure all of you reading can relate to this phase when we want to give just the best to our little ones. 

But have you ever thought of what those mother would be going through if they can't even provide their children with clean drinking water and a hygienic toilet? 

They are - Revathi, Jeyalakshmi, Kavitha, Ammasi, and Jeyalakshmi, women from Tamil Nadu. These mother think differently. The thoughts running in their minds are - 

What would I feed my child with? 
Contaminated water to drink and same infected water to cook food!

My child doesn't even have a place called - hygienic bathrooms?

Can you help them?


All they are looking for is a small LOAN of Rs. 45,000 to build four toilets and provide a clean water connection for drinking and bathing. Jeyalakshmi would like to get a piped water connection at home, while the rest of them wish to build toilets. This will substantially improve the overall health and quality of life for these five families from Musiri in Tamil Nadu.

Please note that they want LOAN. The amount which you loan will be returned to you in the specified time. 

But you feel for these unfortunate mothers and want to go ahead and make a small contribution as little as possible for you, it will make a tremendous difference for their lives.

Let's together bless the children of these mothers with the most, I repeat, the most basic needs of life.

Here's the link to make your contribution:

This post has been written for the Hope Project undertaken by Milaap on Indiblogger. 

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