Thursday, 21 September 2017

Super fathers!

Kangana....only one thing I can say....You go girl!

Well, it really doesn't bother me if her movies is a flop or a hit, to me she is a star, a shinning one. I will watch all her movies, in theater!

There were just two comments she made which I don't really accept. Well, I guess in India at least, doctor kaa beta doctor, engineer kaa beta engineer, actor kaa beta there. You can;t beat that record. My parents are doctors and leaving me(Me:Engineer), everyone else is a doctor. 

Rahi baat nepotism ki, of course they have a easier life and get many chances to proof themselves, well those who have to successful, will be successful. Isn't it! Rest can take a back seat. 

The second comment was - when she made that comment on how a 43 year old man is hiding behind his father I was a little unsure about it. How is it possible?

When I was a little girl, whenever I had small little fights, my parents encouraged me to deal with the situation. I give same training to my little one. I will explain: My daughter is five and a half. Another girl, must be around her age, troubles her every single day in school. One way is to go and complain to the school authorities, but is it going to stop the issue. Well, not at all. So we encourage her to deal with it. Either stop bothering about it or give her back. Her decision. She is five and yes it is really challenging for her to understand what we mean. But she need to win her own battles. Right!

Finally one day she came and said, we are friends now. I don't know exactly how things changed but she looks more confident now. She can deal with her issues. Of course, we are her guiding light, but she needs to face it.

Well, at 42 or whatever age the actor is at, he should be talking for himself.

But before I could wonder why, I got my answer - when Rishi Kappor started talking about Ranbir Kapoor and blaming all the directors, with whom his kiddo worked with! Wait, did I call Ranbir a kiddo? Well, what else can I say, if you can't deal with your own issues and go crying to papa and papa starts finding faults in every little things - girlfriends, producer, director, marketing team and whole world, what name shall we call you with?

I really like Rishi-Neetu-Ranbir, all of them, but after his ho halla about how these directors are creating a mess out of his child's career, I am confused now.

I guess, if the silly-ex comment was just ignored, the issue would have been dealt in much respectful manner. Ignorance is the key to happiness. So, I guess, let's ignore Rishi-Ranbir! What say!

P.S.: I want to thank my dad-mom for making me realize the importance of standing up for myself. I would also like to thank my sister and brother for.....for ummmmm let me think, yes, everything!!! I would also like to thank......list is very long! So, let's just ignore!

Last thing, Kangana, I wish I had courage like you, I love you totally. More power to you...more films to you....cheers!!!

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