Sunday, 10 September 2017

Grandparents Day!

It was a summery day. It was that time of the year when all your cousins and extended family would come to stay with the grandparents, who used to stay with us. Talking about the lazy summery afternoon, it was same like every day. It used to be hot and so quiet, only sound you would hear was the sound of crazy high-speed wind, which we called as - loo! No one was supposed to get out of rooms or even open the windows or doors.

In our house, there were 6 rooms and a big veranda at the center of the house, with 4 rooms at each corner on the veranda and two rooms on the first floor. The veranda was a big one. Flower beds with blooming seasonal flowers on all sides, a hand pump and a staircase on the opposite side, which led to the first floor. We were not allowed to go to the first floor, I still wonder, why?

We were 6 of us, locked in our grand maa's room. She was sleeping and all of us were supposed to sleep too and not make any noise. We were quiet obedient bunch of kids and we used to sleep every day. But that day...well, my cousins were to go the next day, we felt like this day should be different and special.

I remember, we were whispering and making some plans when we heard someone else whisper - "kulfi khaye?"

We couldn't understand, who whispered, dadi...wells she was fast asleep; no one other than us was there. Blaming our age, all of us were so scared at that moment, and we tried to hear again, someone whispered again - "kulfi khaye kya?" We became so scared that all of us hid our faces in the sheets, when suddenly our youngest brother started laughing. 

We were shocked. Shocked to the core! Stories of bhoot getting into small children was very common. We got so scared, we held each other's hand, big eyes and all of us were thinking, we should have slept! Ab kya hoga!

By now, the little one was laughing hysterically. It was quiet quiet scary. We were sure about one things .....hum bhi gaye aur ye chotu bhi gaya. And when we were about to get a heart attack, dadi woke up and started laughing along with chotu. 

Oh my  god. Daaaddiiii.

Damn yaar, sari izzat chali gai uss din tho.  

That afternoon was the coolest one, till date. We had many kulfis and world's best dadi's hand made  nimbu pani with a lot of hugs, laughter and love. No one in the house yelled at us, rather everyone joined us.

It was pure dadi power. You can shower love in heat and make it the coolest afternoon, ever, ever!

It was quiet sad that I could just share a few years with my grandparents.  All my growing up years, some or the other friend used to tell how their grandparents are their survival-strategies, how they help them when they get bad marks, or get extra money or any homework issues, or any extra love, hugs and kisses, their grandparents would just shower it on them, unconditionally, without asking, without need.

I still miss my grandma, wish even I had my entire growing up and always, with her love.

After I lost her, I had just one wish, at least my kids should enjoy and feel that warmth, love and fun with their grandparents. By God's grace my children's life is full of grandparents love. They don't stay with us, but my daughter literally stays with them. She will call her paternal grandfather whenever, to tell what all happened.  And whenever I say no for pasta, chocolate, TV or anything on her mind, she calls my mom and dad, and tada! Done! She is big enough to understand which number is to be dialed! Trust me, I just love it!

To make day special for dada-dadi, we arranged for video meet with the entire family in one frame. Getting all at one time is quiet a task, trust me, but worth it. For her maternal grandparents, we called the cook didi and asked her to surprise her with a packet of maggi. Of course, they avoid but all both of them are Maggi freaks.

Not only today, everyday is their day! I can't imagine getting up without their calls and sleeping before twe speak with each other sharing each detail of the day. Kya khaya kya piya, kya hua! These are not questions, they are just love, let us give back to the old friends, its our turn to #lovejatao! Not just today, but every single day!

No wonder the best trip for us always leads to our grandparents place. And why not! Happiness is where love is, love is where grandparents are!!! 

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

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