Thursday, 21 September 2017

Being Healthy is being Happy!

Being healthy is not a choice, it is my way of life.

Let me introduce you to the little stubborn fat girl sitting inside my head - who loves to eat - fast food and fried food and hates the gym, not just hate, she hhaaattteeeesss the gym.

Of course, I explained that little girl to grow up and look beyond yummy fast food, at times I won and many a times, I lost. Once I enrolled her to the best gym where the crowd was awesome, the instructors were eye candy and the whole atmosphere was also soo healthy. Well, from inside my head, that little girl found a new excuses to avoid gym every day. Few excuses were:
  •  It's very sunny or It's raining or cold! (Yaa, there should be some special gym weather now!)
  •  My mood is off, I can't go to gym like this. I will go tomorrow morning and tomorrow night. (Right!)
  • Yesterday I slept so late, I should do some yoga here only, on my bed!(You mean sona-aasan)
  • I have a bad hair day! What will that hot guy think! (Like anyone, keep that hot guy aside, is looking!)
  • Did I eat anything? (No no...not much...just a little finger fries and few cheese sandwiches, bus!)
  • Today is Tuesday or Monday or Friday or Sunday or so boring day!(Yeah!)
  • I will run today, a little later. (Later...when is this later? Like never?)
  • What if, he(who ignores me every single time) calls me and I am unable to answer, cause I am at gym. (OKAYYYY!)
I have heard many more. Trust me. I had to find a healthier way.
And then in all this tussle with gym and food choices and everything, I had my first child. Things changed automatically. The little stubborn fat girl in my head, started listening to me now (not much though, she still hateeessss gym and still loves eating). For the little one, I looked for various good healthy recipes and loved the fact that my kiddo enjoyed all of them. This was a gradual shift which I faced, from indulging in fried food to baked or tossed food. From no gym to playing around with the little one.

Gradually, I just loved the active life which I started to lead and the transformation was mind blowing. Few things, I guess are permanent, like my love for food and hate for gym, but wait what's wrong in both?

You may enjoy healthy food and lead a active fit life. My problem was solved as I found my solution, thanks to my kid. I started getting healthiest oil, better than paying at gym(where you will hardly find me) or paying any hospital charges. Whatever food I wanted to enjoy, well, cook at home....try new ways, bake or air fry or add healthier ingredients, use healthy oil.

Another major change in my life was - addition of workout! Well, God sent me a treadmill child literally, she keeps running and she makes me run too. She just can't sit at one place. She hates lift so we use staircase, and now even when she is not with me, I prefer stairs. Her favourite game is pakdam-pakdai, when all kids in the park get tired of playing it repetitively and are off to swings and slides, I run behind her. Yes you guessed right, she is never tired, never, never!

There are more - we race from drawing room to bed room to climb on the bed. We race till bathroom from where ever we are, for using it. We swim together, we go for after dinner walks and early morning badminton class together. She loves to dance on every music and makes me dance on hers.
The best part of being so closely involved with her is that she has no phone mania. She still has a very normal buchpan which I guess every child deserves - to play, laugh and live outside his phone/tab/TV.

Last but not the least, we do enjoy our pillow fights! They are great intense exercise. Trust me, try it today! Just trying to be active and healthy, apne tarike se push karo!

Oh and the little girl inside my head, she is totally happy with our routine and hardly ever give a miss to run behind the little one or to eat a healthy bite. After all, being healthy is being satisfied and being happy!

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

P.S.: Please don't judge the stubborn fat girl inside my mind! She is quiet cool. 

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