Friday, 9 March 2018

Sridevi - rest in peace!

Recently, I started watching Desperate Housewives series, still wondering... Why.....Why!!!

Harm has been personal attacks but few episodes were really interesting in first season which forced me to watch an entire season.  As I watch season 2...after every episode I feel that there is sooo much darkness around the world. I don't know if it's postpartum depression or just a phase where I get sad easily.

Bree was my favorite one, of course after Susan. Well,  within few weeks into her husband's death, she starts dating. After 18 years of marriage, you can be so disconnected!!!!! It felt very strange.  Here on, I started feeling bad seeing the coldness in the relationships. Yes.... This is exactly what I feel after watching this.... Cold.

Of course,  life should go on.

And in middle of the series I heard about Sridevi and her mysterious death.  It took a lot of time for me to accept that she is no more.

My first thoughts were.... She is soo rich...she is soo fit..she is sooooo pretty can she die?

I read a lot about her, analysed a lot.  But of course, benefit of doubt is a real thing.

Somewhere I felt some article will tell me it's all a lie.  She is just fine!!!

Maybe not!

My life was going like usual but then I saw sridevi's daughter birthday celebration pictures.  Trust me, my heart broke again.  I felt cold, again!

Maybe the family did the right thing by trying to get their life back on track, but my mind is unable to understand. Within few days!

Well,  they have lost their mother...i can't imagine the pain..So I am not going to judge.

I guess, life should go on....your decision to laugh or cry.. Isn't it!

Well. . ... I have bigger problems around me and I really don't know how to handle.. .

My daughter loves the title track of Prem Ratan dhan payo. My maid has been so angry with sonam kapoor for dancing on that number even on day her chachi passed away! She never forgets to remind me about her!

Whatever....i guess it's time for me to wind up desperate housewives and rest in peace, you beautiful lady.

Getting back to play with my little ones more rather than watching some series .. .Need much more warmth, you who knows.....kal Ho na Ho!!!

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