Friday, 1 September 2017

Dominos tune kya kiya?

Like every one, me and my whole family, especially kids at my place are soo fond of pizza and especially the ones from Dominos. They just love the pizza, the garlic bread, the dips and the sweet delight-choco lava cake!

Whatever be the family occasion, like if I visit my sister-brother place or if they visit my place or if a kid is sad for losing and we want to cheer him/her up or if they have done extremely well in exam, and no one is in mood to go out, then -  Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaa, which is quiet often!

Now, we have a set menu in our mind....pichli baar cheese burst tho iss baar bhi cheese burst...(what's pizza without cheese anyways ..isn't it!) topping would be - farmhouse or margaritta or delux veggie or cheese and corn. I guess we have never tried any other...we just can't get over these flavours.
This pizzaaa love has been going on for years. And suddenly something happened!

New Dominoes Advertisement!

 My sister called for pizza - from Pizza hut! She called me and told - "You know, we called for Pizza from Pizza Hut! Dominos vala bada dry rahta hai! Topping bhi kitna kum hota hai...This is much better!"


From all these years, she never felt this! Neither did I feel that way or any of the little ones or few friends of mine. Now, all of sudden, all of them has one song ... arre bada dry hai..topiing bhi kum hut is better!

Well, aur badha do aur badha do still not ringing in their head.

I know this a good way to market, to show that you are breaking your limits to become better, but there are many who have started finding new faults in you!

Dominos my love for you is eternal! You were doing just fine!

Pic: My daughter's pizza love started when she was one year and few months!

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