Monday, 5 May 2014

Crime against woman - Is it ever going to stop!

Crime against woman is not a new thing. But what we see, read and hear today is just atrocious. Even after the extreme punishment given to the culprits of few case, these criminals are not taking any clue from it. Yet the crimes are happening. Day by day. Everyday.

With what I saw few days back, I am really scared to accept this fact but may be this crime will continue and will never stop.


Every apartment has there own patent cats and dogs who don't leave the place and just hang around there. Well, in my apartment also, there is a cat who stroll around and is not at all scared of people and it is very gentle with kids. 

One fine evening, I noticed a boy, aged 5-6, was troubling the cat to the extent that he was pulling its tail harshly and literally throwing her away. That poor thing was not doing any thing in response and he was just not stopping. I couldn't control myself and rushed to save that cat from that misery. I started scolding the kid for his ill-manners and pathetic behavior and in response he told me, "I really don't like this cat. I like her this way." 

From others I found out that this boy jumps on that cat's tail every day. The heights situation is - his mother sits right there and sees her child behaving such atrociously. 

Just imagine, that boy doesn't like a helpless cat, so he is beating hell out of her. His mother, who is supposed to show her the right path at this very tender age, is happily ignoring his activities. This boy, who doesn't understand what is right and what is wrong, what kind of adult he will become? What values is he growing up with? Where is the basic - Empathy towards a helpless creature? The mother doesn't even takes the pain to make him understand that the cat would get hurt. He is wrong. Rather she stares at those who have yelled at that kid for his awful behavior.

I am certain, if his mother doesn't do something now, he would never know what empathy, love and care means. He will be among those who are cruel, ruthless and violent.

I wonder if crime would stop if people with wrong basics are present. I wonder if they will fear the verdict or punishments? 


It will never stop unless we teach all our daughters to be a mother who can help their child to be a good human being at least and unless we teach our sons to be a father who can inculcate some values in their children. We need to make a our daughters strong and we need to make our sons more understanding. We need to nurture a child to be good. A well groomed kid will become a well-behaved human being. Don't you think so?

P.S.: That child has still not understood properly. When few of us are not around, he still continues his brutal actions. Is there any way I can stop it? Any solution! Please do help!

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