Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Sangeet and the Cricket!

I belong to the - NON-CC Club, means Non-cricket-crazy club. But my husband is a loyal member or may be one of he crucial position holders of that group. Seeing his craze for cricket and urge to be updated for every ball/every run/out/not out/score......this and that, makes me feel sometimes that if he will not see/comment/read/listen/talk/think about cricket, the game wouldn't be played. 

But that's about it, I don't think I can do anything about it. But he does a lot of things for his crazy love for cricket.

It was sangeet of my own sister-in-law. My husband's own sister. 

The dances were prepared and the stage was set. The spirit was unmatched and it was a 'all smiles' time. Everyone was super-duper excited, aroma of food and flowers were adding to the ecstasy. Laughter, music and jokes were filling the ears. Kids were playing, ladies were not going off the mirror and gents, I really didn't care at that point where they were. 

Anyways, the grand show started, one after the other relatives were grooving to the music. So was I. When suddenly I realized that I have not seen my hubby dear for a very long time. We practiced well, none of us are stage-shy, then where is he? My mind had an answer, maybe he went to pick up someone or get something. But he should be back by now. Hmmm it was time for some inquiry. 

I called him from some distance, but still I could barely hear. He said, "He is about to reach....went to pick someone." As expected. 

I was getting to worried. We practiced soo much. We had to perform in some time. All our practice would go in vain. I was getting impatient and so I walked out of the door to check if he reached yet. The moment I stepped out, there he was sitting quietly with his earphones on, glued to his mobile device on the most obvious site - I went and stood behind him quietly. He was juggling between the scorecard and the zip-clips. Of course, on the StarSports.comHe raised his hand and jumped in pleasure shouting, "Yeyeye we wooo...Oh! Yaaaa, I ..aaaa...OOoo yaaaa look soooo pretty lady!" He sat on his knees and continued, "You always manage to make me know! In your love. Will you marry me again!" 

My damn anger left me the moment I needed it the most. Here I was trying to hold my smile! AAGGRRRHHH! He got up on his feet and held my hand and continued, "You stunning lady, let's go dance! It's our song." 

I forgot everything. The match. The cricket-crazy husband. The anger, anxiety and absolute hatred for the game. We danced. On our song and on every other song which came after. It was a some night.

But I found out a certain thing, he knows what can make me smile in extreme conditions too! Haaa! Cricket can teach you a lot of things! Well, thanks ;)

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