Thursday, 8 May 2014

CCC - Cricket Crazy Club!!

India - the country of cricket-crazy people!
Leaving a few.
A few like me!

A complete no-cricket-talks-please person. Throughout my life, I have run from people who get desperate to watch-talk-listen-eat-sleep-smell this game and their mood are on a high and a low based on the game. Throughout my life, the closets people have been from the - CCC (cricket-crazy-club), my sister, brother, friends and my husband. 

As I grew up, just one source of watching cricket was TV. It was not very hard to find out as to what was going on in mind of brother, sister, friends. If they are super excited and happy, India won. If they are doing 'chidchid', means India lost. 

But today, the era of high-tech, online and all the gadgets, watching cricket is not restricted to a place, time or tv. You can watch it on phone anytime, anywhere on

I would like to take this opportunity to thank, for utterly complicating my life! AAAHHH!!

Round the year there are matches, IPL, world cup, 20-20 and I don't know what not goes on and on. My husband a loyal member of CCC, takes this responsibility to never miss any game. But if at all, he does due to his office/tours or other reasons, its not something to bother, like before. Jeb mein hai na....tho ab cricket kahi bhi aur kabhi bhi.

I remember one incident when there was some final match of some tournament and obviously India was playing in the finals. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my hubby dear, we had to travel to Mumbai for some important work. I was thrilled. He was tensed, sad, irritated, angry and was behaving unreasonably stupid. Well, I was enjoying a lot. I was sure that I will just talk talk and talk and will not let him take out his phone also. Hahahaha. I was probably on highest cloud possible.
Jumping, dancing, singing, plotting. Hahahahaahah

We decided to travel by Volvo-bus. Hubby by my side and pune-mumbai highway, it really didn't bother me how we go. We reached the bus stand. My hubby dear excused himself to get something to eat. I was standing near the bus. All smiles. Broad one.

10 minutes passed.
15 minutes passed and the bus was about to leave and he was no where to be seen.
I was getting tensed. Both of us knew that our travel was inevitable and if we miss this bus, next would be in two hours or so. Oh God, where is he!

Aah...there he was!

He gave me a smile. STRANGE!
He had no food/chips/cold-drink in his hand. Hmm STRANGE!
He was looking fine, happy. STRANGE!
Why? Why? My mind was filled with many questions. I was not sure and then I thought may be he must have checked the scores so he is happy. Anyhow, we boarded the bus and were looking for the seats.

The conductor showed us our seats.

One at one front window seat and other right at the back, aisle seat. 

I saw my husband in surprise. He looked at me. His eyes were dancing and laughing. But man, he was trying hard to cover it.

He spoke to the conductor, "Bhaiya, hum sath hai."
Conductor spoke, "Arre Ladies seat mein ek khali hai and dusra ek dum piche. Lena hai tho bolo. Nahi tho waiting passanger bahut hai!"

I knew so well who had put these words in that conductors mouth. Now I knew why he was smiling and relieved.

I looked at my hubby dear and just said few words, "WELL PLANNED DEAR!"

Well, to my dismay, he didn't even try to explain or reason out. He watched the entire match on Again, big thanks to you for making my hubby's trip worth while!!!!!!!! For me, I still hate him for that bad bad day but at least he arranged a window seat for me. At least!!!!

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