Friday, 25 April 2014

The TEACHER, enlightening the world!

  I don't know where to start writing about this "teacher"! I salute you, Sir! I bow down to you and to your unmatched spirit and to your unconditional dedication to educate one in each house!

To you Sir!

I live in a materialistic world. I am also among those who take pleasure in the worldly comfort and lucrative deals. Everyday I hear about how my friends/acquaintances who switch jobs for better and bigger. For more comfort and for more growth. Is it bad? I still feel it's not bad. 

But with so much self-oriented prospect, we should not talk about changing the world or complain about various odds of the world. Cause somewhere we forgot to put in our bit to make this world a better place.

This teacher, who faces soo many difficulties, at times no food, not much amenities, not a lucrative salary, not a flashy cabin or a top-architect developed school, not even the basics of the school are in place. But still he his happy to be a teacher in such a remote location. Still he is happy to teach.

His undying spirit needs no encouragement. His selfless attitude needs no recognition. His mammoth willpower has sustained him in adversities and will do the same in future.

It is for you, for me, for the better world that I request you to donate for this school. Maybe only few among us can do what he is doing, but at least we can provide those basics of a school to those kids who walk miles to learn. At least we can help them get those books/stationary to learn better. Can't we do this much? Or can we do?

Hoping for help, please donate on this link -

Let's keep the dream alive - educate every home. Your small step can bring a big difference to many families! It's time to #DoRight!

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