Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Split-ends no More!

Do you remember those fairy tales with a beautiful, pleasant and dreamy ends which bring tears along with a broad smile?

The stories which started with a once upon a time and finished at - "they lived happily ever after!"
Since I don't know when but split ends have bothered me. I waited for the part when the prince would come and rescue the princess or somehow the lost would reach safely to the destination. I grew up with that in mind, that somehow and anyhow the end would be beautiful, else the end is yet to reach. 

But is real life like a fairy tale? Are split ends not a part of life? 

Broken hearts, tearful ends, anger, depression, resentment, hatred, bitterness or pain - all negatives. And guess what all these negatives have never made anything positive. I wonder if there is any cure for these split ends.

Wishful thinking that these stories are yet to complete and at the end, all the split ends will meet to make a stronger and healthier life and these people will live happily ever after. The typical "happy endings!" 

Hmmm well when split ends are in human beings, there is still a way out to sort it by talking, understanding and love. Have you imagined what must happen if these split ends are present in every strand of your hair!!

This is an era of extreme pollution, adulterated food, pesticides-infested vegetables and fruits and mind-boggling-hectic-balance-less life schedule are all responsible for these split-ends.  

But this leaves no place for talking/communicating or love.  The one and only way out was cut-cut-cut. Short hair or weak hair. Length or strength. It's all the calculations which I have done, after I found out various styles of split ends in my hair. 

Well, at least till now I was with no solution except for cut. But like I said, wishful thinking that these split ends will meet to make a stronger and healthier hair. There is a solution now. There is a way out to treat these split ends with a lot of love and little care. There is a way which can cure at least 96% of the split-ends. There is a way to have a beautiful long hair and no split ends.

And the way is....

Thanks for the wonder product TRESemme. At least we have a sure shot solution for this kind of split ends! Now its time for ....split-ends no more! Hail TRESemme!

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