Thursday 21 November 2013


Mom's always right! Yeah, after like a zillions of disagreement with my mom, I agree to one fact in this world - Mom's always right. Always!

My life around my mom has been something like this -
"Don't eat that, eat a little of's very healthy"
"Go out and play and don't be a couch potato. Get some fresh air!"
"Don't watch so much TV....oh common on don't be glued to your laptop. You will spoil your eye sight."
"Do some form of exercise, get up early, don't sleep so late."

Yes Maa...I am!
But of course, I just listened to what she had to say. I did what I felt like.

History repeats itself. Now, I am in my mom's shoes and my daughter, nieces and nephews have taken my seat! Gosh! I must say life is not a bed of roses here. There is a strict condition for being a mom which you find out only after you become a mother - You can never be ill. Never. Never.

You have to be on your toes, what ever be it. Trust me. And only a mom can relate to this! But guess what, no wonder I am a mom but I am also a human being! Sometimes even I give up and thats when the following things happen:

Well, I'll let these pictures speak for a while:

Eating habits:

For a packet of chips,
Any meal, we can easily skip!

Ah, Butter and cheese,
No running around behind us please,
we will freeze! 

Chocolate, cake and cream,
Is all what I dream!

Cake is yum,
I can lick my thumb!

Iiiice scream,
Shhh! Need to eat this one alone, 
is all that I scheme!

Oh! Please give me a bigger chunk!

Cold drink,
I can finish it in a blink!

Mind it, this is not spicy at all,
please give me oodles!

For pizza, pasta and sauce,
Let me eat all by myself,
I am the Boss!

Various activities:

I can talk, 
and easily use a smartphone,
you can be in a shock!

Laptop Laptop,
No blinking at all, 
please don't stop, Please don't stop!

Late to bed,
Late to rise!

I can watch from any distance,
I am free!

My playground,
is where I will be easily found!


I take the blame for all the wrongs seen above.
It's me who introduced wrong food. It's me who introduced wrong habits.

But in my defense, it's not a luxury thing for me, it is a necessity!
Fast life, low patience level, always less time, ease of availability, varied choices, growing tantrums of kids and lack of self-control to handle all at a time. All this together somewhere forced me to introduce all the wrongs in them.

Whose ever fault it is, whatever may be the reason, ultimately my kids are at stake. Can any mother take it?

Playing a mother and scanning through the 'kind of food' and 'type of lifestyle' which my kids, niece and nephew leads, freaking out is normal. Reasons:
  • Their immune system is getting weak.
  • There is hardly any physical exercise at this age.
  • Eating junk means accumulating the toxins.
  • No walking, running, playing and sleeping at odd hours leads the problems in digestion. 
  • The junk food is high in cholesterol and no physical exercise just makes sure that the bad fat remains in the body.
  • TV, mobiles and laptop has just made the mind so engrossed in it, that I wonder what will happen when they reach to high school.
  • To add to their bad habits, the environmental pollution is adding to the weaker immune system in the kids and all of us.
Dealing with so many problems, this is what happens at the end - 

Medicines, medicines, medicines
Always brings a sad face and grumpy chin!

Not at my children of my don't need these medicines. Yes, they do belong to the 'spoilt child' category but a big NO - NO for all the medicines. Cause, they are protected by 'LIFE::Dabur CHYAWANPRASH".

Right from start, me and my entire family make sure that how much ever ruckus we face in life, we never ever miss to give 'Dabur Chyawanprash' to our little ones, just like our mom never ever missed it.
We also make sure that all of us have it, to be at the kids service in the bestest of our health. Immuned for life!

The nightmare, the problems listed above, are tackled by just one simple quarter-spoon(for the little ones) and two spoon-full(for the elders) of Dabur Chyawanprash, everyday! The taste is such that Dabur Chyawanprash time is a broad grin time! My mom used to hide the Dabur Chyawanprash bottle after few spoons were scooped out. Now, we hide the Dabur Chyawanprash bottle, after it has been scooped out a few times in a day! Hahaha I don't blame the kids, I am also one of them who scoops more than twice, till today ;) Yummmm!

With kids getting variety in Dabur Chyawanprash, its a complete hit product at my place. But till today, my favorite remain the original flavor, whats yours?

This post is written for ‘An Immune India’ contest organized by!!


  1. Very creatively put, especially with the cute photos. All the best for the contest.

    My entry for the contest is at Hope you like it.

    1. Thanks Dr Lawrence.... Appreciate it comments!

      Ur blogs also amazing!

  2. Nice one! I liked your use of own pics. Cute poem too!
    Yes! Let's replace those medicines with Chyawanprash! :)
    Best wishes for contest!

    1. True Anita, medicines should always be no-no!

      Thanks and all the best to u too!

  3. I so agree with you Swarn Priya. Lovely pics. in the post.

  4. So you mean to say everything is fine if we give Dabur Chawaynprash to the kids?

    PS: cute pics :)

    1. Hello Pankti...of course not 100% but yes the normal cold-cough syndrome seen in kids with the ever changing weather...yes yes...just the weather changes not my kids health with the changing weather!

  5. Well written and very cute baby pictures :) All the best for the contest !!