Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Magical Moment!

I got married before I could fell in love! But I was very clear what love is or shall I say, my love standards were set and I give a complete credit to our very own - Bollywood! The best romantic Bollywood characters - Rahul, Raj and Prem, did make me believe on - MMM, My Magical Moment!

MMM - The moment I will fell for him, my Mr right! The moment when God himself will tell me - go for him! Innumerable romantic songs, situations and dance! Anyways till MMM, I need to wait, patiently!

I got married and was waiting to fall in love. Two and a half years passed!

I realized that my Mr perfect was the world's biggest, greatest and topmost - unromantic person that can exist on this planet earth or maybe in the whole universe. He doesn't believe in showing his love or expressing it in different beautiful ways. He loves sad songs, only! He thinks flowers are better in garden untouched and chocolates are never ever shared! If you have it, eat it...then and there!

He has watched 'Lords of Ring', all parts like a zillion times and all movies with weird animals, fight, war, treasure hunts! He never misses cricket or the exclusive 'Arnab Goswami talk shows' whatever maybe the reason! Obvious enough that he likes to watch movies and TV but HE HAS NOT WATCHED DDLJ OR MY OTHER FAVORITES, TILL DATE.

Well, he has not seen whom he has to match too, to make me fall for him! When I tried to forcefully make him watch, well quiet obvious way to escape was a quick fight! We did became best of friends and we just loved each other's company. Everything was good and merry!

I even convinced him to say simple lines like - I love you and I miss you! My mistake. I am sure everyone is aware of this combination of lines: 

Zor se bolo, 
Jai mata di!

Its set in our mind. Anywhere if anyone says, Zor se bolo, our mind would reply instantly, Jai mata di! Similarly, his mind has been programmed. Before hanging up the phone, like a robot he says, "I love you, I miss you, bye."

I never hear, the love, though! I didn't experience MMM, till now! I was still not in love!

Life just went on with my wish just with me as he was not interested in proving his love! Like always I went to office. In afternoon, office was being evacuated for there was a warning for a bad storm. I spoke to him. He was very anxious and ordered me to rush home and told he is on his way back. My house was not far. I felt quiet weird. Mr unromantic being extra concerned, not bad!

I left office. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was raining or shall I say it was like clouds came down to pour. The roads were flooded, like the entire sea was ready to take the city within itself! People were shouting and kids were crying. It was a complete havoc situation! Me and my friend decided to go to my place. I checked my phone, of course it stopped working. I took a deep breadth and we held hands and started walking towards my place. I was scared, I have not seen sky falling like this.

Everyone passing by, were playing God! Helping others in spite of being in a similar situation! We were holding each others hand, helping ourselves and others together to fight the situation. I was acting bold but I wanted to hold his hand, desperately! I was missing him like mad. My eyes were adding to the water logging. I was scared, beyond words!

My house was not far, but seemed like a mile away! I tried to look, where exactly I have reached and I cleared the extra water from my eyes!

I saw him. I saw him. I saw him. He was coming towards me with a little girl sitting on his shoulder. He came...he came. It was my magical moment. The world froze for a moment. I just saw him. I just felt no water logging. I didn't sense people around me. I just saw him. I felt so strong. My eyes kept on pouring. He came and gave me a hug and wiped my tears!

He saw my tears, in rain!

"I love you! We'll do fine. Now let's go, shall we!" He held my hand and led me!

My friend, few other colleagues, that little girl and few other kids and complete strangers took shelter at my place!The rain stopped and my heart craziness for finding my magical moment stopped!

He was still the same, I was still the same and everything was same but I heard love in his voice. I heard it may be because I wanted to. But my wait was over. I was in love!

Of course, he didn't jump from my window or brought flower or chocolates, or neither did he took rounds around me on his bike, no one slapped him for me, no romantic songs or dancing around the trees or trains or no poems and prose! Nothing! But here I was, in love!

You are my Love!

Your are so Pure,
I feel so Loved!

Your style is Atypical,
Filled with innocence and Truth!

Your love is so Intense,
with absolute Natural brightness!

With time, you remained Unchanged,
You bring out the best in me and Make me what I am!

I did understand this fact a little late, and just blamed myself for being so late. Life was beautiful with love all around! 

A beautiful journey from being best of friends to new love birds!
You are my PLATINUM man!

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