Sunday 17 November 2013

Magical Tail!

When I had my baby, it was indeed time to enjoy and meet all the relatives who come to congratulate us and bless the little one and share their moments. This is when I came across an aunt of mine, who shared heart out with my mom and me.

When she came, my little one was getting a good massage from her granny and was enjoying it to the fullest. Seeing her enjoy the massage, well, all I wanted was to get one too, haha but my aunt became a little lost. She went back in time or was she there with us, I can't say but sure her mind was preoccupied. 

After general exchange of greetings my mom couldn't hold back and finally she asked her, "What happened didi? What are thinking about? Where are you lost today?"
She answered, "Just went back in time. I don't know if I have ever shared this with you all. When I had Suraj, my first child, hmmm....his legs were not normal. I am sure you all have noticed he limps a little."

We nodded. I have met Suraj bhaiya few times and yes that was something which everyone must have noticed. She continued,"When he was born, doctors told he had little hope that he can walk. But the doctor suggested us to take him to an orthopedic doctor. We went and consulted the best doctor in the city. Doctor suggested to get a plaster done so that we can get his bones in its place. Newly born child in May, when summer were at its best, we had to do plaster for Suraj. He was so uncomfortable in it, he couldn't sleep or even smile for a while. He kept on wailing and crying night and day and day and night. I used to cry with him too. Such small baby of mine was so uncomfortable in those plasters. I felt soo helpless." As she spoke, her eyes spoke about the pain the mother went through seeing her newly born child in that state. I saw my mother who slowly wiped her tear too. Well, I wanted to hide mine, so I went ahead to get water for both. 

Both hardly had any water and my aunt continued with a very heavy tone,"After one and a half month, doctor opened the plaster to check the development, but sadly there was hardly any change. He looked at me straight in my eye. He told me there is little less hope that he will walk, ever. But then he told that we can try one more thing - Massage with Dabur Lal Tail. According to him, it was the last hope. He showed me the way to massage his legs with the Dabur Lal Tail. We came home with heavy heart. We didn't knew what to do. But we didn't lose hope. We started the massage therapy with the Dabur Lal Tail and slowly things started getting back to normal. Suraj was also reacting to the Dabur Lal Tail treatment well as he was out of plaster and who would not love massage five-six times a day. We kept a constant touch with the doctor. He was as happy as us with the kind of improvement he saw in Suraj. He was also positive that Suraj will be able to walk though he might limp a little but that better than not walking at all. Our happiness crossed all boundaries but we kept our fingers crossed. The doctor explained us that the hand pressure get the correct positioning and the oil just increase the blood circulation in that area which is finally reacting well. Plus, the oil develops the muscle which ultimately helps the child to support his body weight."

She still had tears in her eyes, but she was smiling at the happy memories. She opened her back and took out a big bottle of Dabur Lal Tail and looked at me, "This oil has kept my baby away from the pain he might had to face otherwise. This is from a mother to a mother. Massage with this Dabur Lal Tail and you will know the difference from doing the massage from either olive oil or any other oil you might be using. I remember that the doctor we went also shared with us that after Suraj's development, he prescribed Dabur Lal Tail for any other child with similar problems or with no problems at all. For general massage for newly born or growing child, he prescribed Dabur Lal Tail. This is a magic which will keep your baby strong and give her the stamina to walk her life through all the thorns."
I just hugged my aunt and thanked her for that. Quiet obvious, my little one got an instant second massage with the magical tail...oh the Dabur Lal Tail,  magical was the name which we gave to it. After all its only magic which can convert anything to possible!

I massaged my baby with the Dabur Lal Tail and I have seen her walk much before kids of her age. Well, I have seen me losing weight much before other mothers run run Baby...I am right behind!

This post is written for ‘Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth’ contest organized by Dabur Lal Tail.


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