Friday, 27 February 2015

Upgrade without fikar! Let's quikr!

It was time for morning tea for Mr Verma, with Mrs Verma, by her side. The magnificent view from their terrace of Mumbai flat, had a wide road and the sea shore ahead! Just when they were sipping their cup of tea in peace, a BMW 730Ld Sedan passed by. They both held their breath as the beauty ran smoothly on the road. They chased the gaze of the breathtaking site till it disappeared. In a complete sync and silence, they looked down at their car, Audi! For a moment they didn't speak but their eyes met.

Mrs Verma broke the silence and spoke, "We need to upgrade!"

Mr Verma," Yes, that's true! But we can't invest so much right now! Upgrading can be expensive"

Mrs Verma spoke with a heavy heart, "Yes that is true! Ohk, so we shall wait!"

Mr Verma tried to cheer up his wife and spoke, "Plus we don't have space for three cars, do we! We already have our flashy cars parked!"

Mrs Verma sank in the statement and it seemed that her mind was contemplating a plan! Her eyes sparkled and she jumped up with her beautiful smile and gave him a big bear hug! Mr Verma looked at her in a surprised manner, with a "HELLO" expression! His mind was racing as to what did he say! Didn't he say NO! Oh dear, did he say YES!

Mrs Verma finally spoke, "Solution is right there in your worries! We don't have space for three cars! True! Sooo we sell one, on comes to us....we put in some a upgraded car at reasonable price from quikr! No fiqar, when we can quikr! What say?"

Mr Verma finally smiled and nodded in agreement. They hugged each other and opened their iPhone for the quikr app!

Well, they were lucky that they found a seller who had exact car which they were looking for and someone was lucky enough to buy car of his dream from the Vermas.

It's the ideal situation! You want to upgrade! It's fine but you must clear up to up-grade. Else there will be a lot of chaos at the bottom. 

There was a time when the few modes of selling cars were:
  •  Word of mouth
  •  A known garage
  • Donate/give to a relative
The era has changed for good and this is the era of social media where everything is done with help of few clicks. Without much talking. Without much hassle.

To ensure all the ease and reachability to the customer, quikr apps have transformed itself where we find genuine buyers, awesome deals and the products-which-we-are-looking-for (you know the trauma of finding only-those-things which you don't need at sale/discount/lower prices!) 

It's era of selling our cars at a good and reasonable price without taking any help from others. We don't need to visit ten times to the age old garage. We don't need to sell the car at much lower rate.

The buyer reach us, they value the car at a correct rate. We get car of our dream at a good price! So when you can quikr, we don't need to compromise. Just leave our fiqar and let's do quikr!

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