Friday, 6 February 2015

Will never give up!

No vouchers ...No consolation prize!

Rejections! Rejections!

Well, I am having such a day and trust me,I am bad bad and very bad in taking rejections! I have always wondered how politicians or celebrities cope up with all that negative comments floating up, down left, right and center. But then everyone has their own support and hopes to hang on! Coming back to me yes, this is not the first time that I didn't win, but there is a lot of negative energy foating around me. Or maybe, I am liberating those vibes. Difficult to say, but accepting rejections is not easy for me! Especially when I declare me 'a winner'! In my mind!

But! But!

You can say luck/timing/or my best not best enough! Any of these factors has failed me, but can I really help. I can only be at my  best! I didn't win! I have been in this trance of sadness since two days and to divert my attention I started reading other blogs!

One after another! Some romantic ones, some nomadic ones, some normal ones, some paranormal ones! I tell you, there are some amazing writing skill with people. They can put a smile on your face. They can make you feel light. They can make you feel so positive.

I would also like to thank the platforms like Indiblogger/blogadda(the only ones I visit, like a lot) for having a platform where you can read and read and read! A piece, a prose, a story or a mystery. Coming back again, at the end of a good two hour reading session, I realised how stupid reaction was that. I write to excel me and to make me happy. To liberate my emotions, to feel free!

Contests challenges me to write on that topic and think in line of the terms and conditions. (Which most often I forget to read ;-/)

If contest are the cake, prizes are just the yummilicious icing on the cake! Oh yes, I looovveee that icing ;) ! I have not known any one who doesn't like it. Even Lata Mangeshkar would have got encouraged with all the prizes she used to receive for the gift she is!

Raising my glass for a toast! Here's to blogging! Here's is to writing!
Will never give you up!


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