Sunday, 27 October 2013

Be alert, Be safe, Be happy!

With the growing abuse against women, somewhere in our minds, all of us have become somewhat alert. Leave aside night, 'these few men' are not even scared of day light and do such heinous crime.

Talking of Pune, well it is a safe city. People are happy go lucky types and you will find good educated crowd, a mix of family, bachelor, student and working people. But then problem doesn't ask the name of the city and come. We still need to be alert and follow precautionary measures. 

I have a very different ways to keep me feel safe. I am sharing my tips: 

1. Keep your bag manageable and carry as less things as possible. 
When our bag is filled with stuffs, it takes all our attention to find a simple thing. Our purse should have just what is needed.

2. Keep an alternate phone and number.
It may sound stupid, but I carry my new phone with my permanent number and old phone with a alternate pre-paid number. I charge my old phone once a while and it carries number of my close ones. If by chance, one phone get discharged, other will be a savior.

3. Keep a small dairy with numbers of close ones.
When my phone is active, all numbers are in place and as soon as it gets discharged, what then? 

4. Keep pepper spray.
A must buy from store.

5. Have a good look at the auto-vala/taxi-driver before you board his auto/taxi.
All of our instincts work, you just need to trust it. So, have a look at the auto-vala/taxi-driver and ask yourself whether you want to board it or not. Don't be in a hurry.

6. Call and tell auto/taxi number to close ones.
In case there are hardly any option to choose for autos/taxis or if you don't feel good or in other situations too, after boarding the auto/taxi, speak to your close ones or at least pretend to (if your phones are just not working) and tell them the auto/taxi - registration number and make sure the auto-vala/taxi-driver hears it. 

7. Don't talk about personal issues or your whereabouts in public.
While on a long or short journey, if we happen to be alone, we often find a long lost friend or someone to speak to and we usually speak about almost everything. Be aware of the fact that others have ears too. In public place, please be more responsible and cautious. Keep pleasure talks for private places like home, office or when with some responsible company.

8. Don't take short-cuts just because auto-vala/taxi-driver says so.
Sometimes we are in hurry and to avoid traffic we take short cuts just because auto-vala/taxi-driver says so. Or, even worse, we are new to the place, the sign board tells us which way to go, follow that whatever the auto-vala/taxi-driver says. Don't take a short cut, if you are not sure of it. Everything and anything can wait, as long as you are fine.

9. Be confident.
In spite of everything, you might be in some challenging situation, keep your cool. Look confident but not ignorant. Be alert.

10. Make noise.
Yet if the problem persist, don't be frightened. Make noise. Start talking loudly. Collect as many people as you can. The stalker will run for sure. 

11. Don't let anyone feel that you are staying alone.
Well, I am in this situation right now, couldn't help including the eleventh tip. Don't let any one like the person who delivers milk or ironed clothes or vegetables know that you are alone at home. If at all they ask for your counterpart, say he has gone out for work or he is on his way back home. 

Be alert, Be safe, Be happy!

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  1. 5th point is very important! It's a very good list!

    1. Thanks Renuka!
      Hope we all use these or any other means to be safe!