Monday, 21 October 2013

Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Stay happy!

The city sleeps early, I know! But I need to reach to my daughter now now now!

Husband on a medical conference, wife doing her shift in the hospital, six months old daughter was kept with her maternal grandmother. But the new mother couldn't bear the separation and wore her strongest heart and left for her mother's place in a rickshaw at ten 'o' clock in the night.

In 1978, ten 'o' clock used to be night - quiet, settled and sleeping! Not a soul on road! It was also a time when 'those few men' still behaved like human, when they still had some amount of respect and emotions left in them, when they still feared God!

But one thing was still same - Woman. Then also, women were the one who gave birth to the 'man' yet had to demand their respect and position from them. Then also, women followed their dreams and were extremely strong yet vulnerable! Then also, women were face of Durga, yet needed protection. The irony continues!

Going back to the incident, the new mother started fine, but after a while she realized that she was being stalked by a man on cycle. She was brave enough to put herself in control. Motherhood was good enough a reason to give her the strength to fight any obstacles on her way. Her destination was not far but yet she had to cross a long single lane road to reach home. That mere distance seemed to be hundreds of kilometer far to her. The man on cycle was right behind singing loud. And in that spur of moment, God heard her silent prayers. From somewhere an ambassador came and man behind wheels stared honking so that he gets some space to cross the rickshaw. Her face lit up. Her presence of mind worked and she instructed rickshaw puller to not give the ambassador any side and keep the rickshaw right in the middle of the lane. The man in ambassador kept on honking, it was enough to scare that unscrupulous creature. The man on cycle crossed by and went ahead. She reached safely to her mother's place to find her daughter crying bitterly. She ran and hugged her tight. Both cried for a while and both got settled within few minutes.

35 years have made many changes! Ten 'o' clock is still evening. 'Those FEW men' have nothing human about them and women's safety or shall I say female gender's safety, as age has become no bar for 'those few men', has become a major issue.

I am a woman but still can't even imagine half the pain those victims go through. I know I am very strong and I can fight my battle alone! But can I take a chance just because I feel so! Well, I am no Dharmender or Amitabh and I am not ashamed to acknowledge this fact. 

I was thrilled to see such an application in the advertisement and I didn't wait for a review or opinion. I downloaded it and checked it instantly. I tried it on my brother. Funny but he was in the bathroom when he received the message "I am in trouble.....", he just rushed out to find me. I was happily sitting on the sofa where he came huffing and puffing and angrily asked, "What the hell is this? Why did you send such a message. Are you out your mind." I laughed and said, "Relax Bhai, I was just checking 'Smart Surakhsha' application. Haha but I liked it. With just a tap I know my personal bodyguards will certainly come running wherrrre everrrr they are and wherrrre everrrr I am! I'll alert you all and I'll be safe for sure and I am happppyyy!"

Back then telephone was an invention but today there is as many mobile phones as many people in the family. I wish the new mother also had Smart Surakhsha with her, she would have felt  bolder and could have called right help at right time! Anyways, thank God for he was around! Thanking God again, for he gave enough intelligence to mankind for such an application!

In my family, we all have put our phones to the correct use, using our presence of mind which we got from our mother. May be this application is not going to give us any additional power to fight, but the moral support it gives is a big thing! Indeed! 

Go get your application girls, ladies and all! Put it to correct use and be sate wherever you are! 
Stay alert, Stay safe, Stay happy!

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