Sunday, 27 October 2013

AB SURAKSHA mere hathon mein!

I recently saw video - 'It's my fault'! I totally agree! Don't I!

It is my fault to wear what I want to - it may be covered from head to toe or not!
It is my fault to go with or without people wherever I want to!
It is my fault to put my trust on something called 'humanity'!

Enough of blaming us. We will take our own charge and will keep us protected. I stay in Pune, a city to be in - happy, friendly and safe! Well, I have taken my security in my hands and I follow the same tips for my protection how much ever safe, the city is! 

I will stand up for me - AB SURAKSHA mere hathon mein!
1. Awareness
First and the most important part of being safe and standing up for own guard is - AWARENESS. Awareness of your being at a place, people around, possible challenges and the worst outcomes! Awareness of the solution for the same! If one is aware, half battle is won indeed!

2. Boundaries -
You are the best person to judge how much you can take and how much you can fight! Set your own boundaries -
  • With whom you want to be friends with!
  • Where you want to go!
  • What time is suitable for you!
  • Whom you want to access your personal details on the social networking sites!
  • What kind of clothing will be suitable for a given place and people around!
It all depends on you. Set your boundaries right and tight, it will be difficult for unwanted elements to cross it!

3. Sixth sense -
We all have it! It always warns us! It alerts us of the danger! But we take light! 
Don't do it. Trust your gut feeling. Be alert! Somewhere you on know that the person, place or point is not correct! Don't go ahead for sake of false ego, attitude or image! Don't be in an illusion! Cause maybe it's actually not worth a try! In all situations, trust but yourself! Only!

4. Uphold -
Challenging situation might come how much ever precaution you take. Uphold your confidence. Nothing wrong will happen - trust this fact and keep your cool because - 
  • If you are confident, it ruins those elements' fun to see you weak and helpless and somewhat shakes their confidence!
  • If you keep your cool, you will listen to your mind which will for sure tell a way to escape the situation!
Durga and Mahakali - is you! You will do fine. Uphold your confidence!

5. Responsible -
Midnight stroll, waking on road in a zombie state or planning a surprise visit to a nearby or distant place without informing just anyone, travelling alone in a cab/auto without informing the details of the cab/auto! You are inviting trouble! Be responsible enough to - 
  • Take midnight stroll within the boundaries with known people.
  • Whatever the reason may be, walking in a complete zombie state is good to see on TV. Don't try it. Be aware of the vehicles crossing by or you crossing by a parked car. Be alert!
  • Surprise few but not everyone you know by not sharing your whereabouts. Send a friend or a family member your complete itinerary. Be safe where ever you go.
  • Travelling alone in night - ask the driver to share his registration number and send it to your family/friend. Don't ever take a chance. 
  • Be responsible enough not to talk about your private matters or about your whereabouts in public.

Be responsible - it's pays!

6. Applications -
We all have phones and be it of any range, most of the phones support various applications to connect to people. 'Smart Suraksha' being a newest and most useful when question of safety is raised! With just a tap, this application sends emergency message along with your location detail to selected five contacts and the police! It is playing God for us, even if the 'badnaam' Indian police comes a few minutes late, your loved ones will come for your guard in whatever way they can, at earliest! Whom can you trust more in troubled times, than your own own own people!

Update your contacts and use it right!

7. Knowledge -
Ignorance is not a bliss, always! Knowledge is not only key to success but also key to be safe.
  • Know the place well or use a detailed map. 
  • If you don't know about various short-cuts to bypass the heavy traffic, don't take it. Be late but be safe.
  • Know the people you interact with, just don't become friendly with every passer by.
  • Know the correct contact details of reliable help.
  • Know the people who come to your house to work.

Know everything. Keep yourself updated. Open your eyes, not just to see but to sense danger in light of your knowledge.

8. Surrounding
We all have a routine life, we follow the same every single day. Be aware of your surrounding which follows in your life everyday.
  • If anyone stalk you.
  • If the house-help behaves strangely.
  • If someone at office is giving you wrong signals.
  • If the way back home is not very safe.
  • If the friends you have, shouldn't be trusted too much.

There can be innumerable things which happen in your surrounding, be aware and alert about everything. If anything bothers you, voice it out immediately.

9. Hit Back
Every thing said and done, yet if you face an unwanted element in real - HIT BACK. 
  • Hit where it hurts the most.
  • Make a lot of noise.
  • Use your hands, leg, head, stones, stick, bag bottle or anything that can be used to hit them. And hit them hard.
  • Use your pepper spray in a very generous amount.
  • Tap your smart suraksha weapon and speed dial help.
  • Run and hit one more time before you run.

Power is mindset of yours, you are as powerful as much you want to be. Believe this fact. HIT HIT HIT.

10. Avoid
It's better to avoid certain things in life today, like - 
  • Avoid going out with people whom you barely know, either in day or night!
  • Avoid going to a hotel or resort or night outs with a less known, over friendly girl/boy friend - if you really want to go, take your own gang along and inform your family about every minute details(which includes phone numbers of ever one going for the party!)
  • Avoid going alone in night.
  • Avoid being the last one to be dropped back home from office.
Avoid anything which you think can take you to any unfavorable situation. It's not being boring, it's being sure, strong and safe!

'AB SURAKSHA' is in your hands too! Take your control and have a good, safe and happy life!

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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