Monday, 23 September 2013

Sony Xperia M: Review

Sony Xperia M:

After a very long wait and a deep dive analysis, where my friends and family(most of them are technically challenged, but you never know, they might have friends), dived themselves to research a Smartphone, smart enough for me! Phone came. Came with it few hurdles. Switching from Nokia to Sony is a disturbed afternoon and busy evening, to understand the entire functioning and getting the right settings and uninstalling and installing the required apps.

I did a lot of Google search to understand how the phone is, before getting it. Well, there were wonderful new findings Well, this is my personal experience with Sony Xperia M.

My review:

COST: - A low budget phone - Rs. 13000/Only (LOW, mind it)

MICRO SIM SLOT- It is smaller than the normal sim. You will have to go to the service provider to get your sim smaller.

SPEED- Internet is fun with the speed it provides. But the phone is quiet playful. I will tell you why, while you are surfing net, its screen goes from vertical to horizontal, when you adjust to that, it takes 180 degree rotation and it goes on. Hahaha quiet playful, you see. Of course, if you want it to stop playing like this, you can use to option of 'manual screen rotation'.

APP - There are like a zillion app available for android phones. If you want to create a new creature with your drawing or count the number of farts in a room. Its all there.

PC Connect: Still installing, don't know what. So, now I get to use my Bluetooth more. Oh no, it didn't locate my lappy. Ah, I get to place the memory card in Nokia E63, connect to lappy and transfer. Sony is not letting me forget my Nokia. Lovely phone.

'VOICE INPUT METHOD'- I am aww by the amazing feature - 'voice input method'. Give rest to your fingers and you just need to talk and the 'voice input method' writes for you. Beware, this app don't speak Hinglish. The message should be loud and clear in crisp English, else it will type on your behalf. I just love it. Mere dil mein jo baat kahi nahi, vo bhi 'voice input method' jane!

CAMERA - 5MP camera, smile detector, red-eye correction, auto focus and what not was on the specification list. It was all correct. Only, flash needs some help here. Automatic flash doesn't see darkness. I must say, flash also has a lot of positivity, like me. We both don't see darkness even in night. So, you manually fill the flash. Beautiful images captured!

With fill flash:

Without fill flash:

Above two pictures are better that the one clicked by Nokia E63 2 MP camera. But of course!

Good thing is, people around me were always very upset with number of pictures I capture. All of them are very happy now. I am off clicking!

CALL CALL CALL - The emphasis is because I feel, still the most important feature of a phone is calling. Rest are add-on features. Well, calling is fun in Xperia M. Call feature can be used for two purpose.
  1. Call. If you speak for more than fifteen minutes, it becomes red hot. 
  2. You can bake a chapati on it or make tea or maggi. Forget about the increasing price of gas cylinders, Sony Xperia M is here! 
Thank God, I won't have to worry about my empty cylinder and double thanks to God, I am not in my mushy mushy phase of life where phone was the healer! My internet balance might be low all the time, phone balance is never low. I hang up in minutes now. My husband is indeed very pleased. 

So you see, just one phone has made everybody happy. I would say, "go get it or not!" I am not a Sony salesperson. Sony - Make Believe. Indeed!

P.S.: Reason for me being positive, is my hubby! Mano ya na mano, but even after a kid of my own, I am still scared of my parents remarks and scoldings. My darling hubby has threatened me to use it happily for a year or he will complain. Who told me this "share every feeling with your husband!" Waiting for September 2, 2014! 


  1. hahaha......i now understand all the typo errors and ur frustration!! tht was quite some money for dissatisfaction! god save u!! u could hv taken ur hubby or brother's help in choosing a good phone. men are technologically sound.

    1. Technology sound! Right! Bhai approved and hubby paid! God bless the world, including me!