Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Smelly To Smiley :)

I came as a kid,
to the family so big!

I grew up tall,
People thought my problems were still small!

Summer came,
Family get together was the other name!
House used to be packed,
Aromatic house smell used to be sacked!

Heavy breakfast and yummy food was a ritual,
Indigestion of all oldies was factual!
Gastritis issues they told,
No longer they can hold!!!!
Bomb here, bomb there,
Didn't know to go where!

I ran, I cried,
Getting out in heat I tried!

Agarbatti was our saviour,
Big believer in God,
We communicated to the oldies, with our behaviour!

Rains came,
Brought with them no play, no game!
Clothes were hung in the rooms,
Some school uniform, some fancy costumes!

Clothes were damp,
Wanted to stay out in a camp!
Smell was bad,
Rainy season was sad!!!

Mom used to make yummy fried food,
Along with it, that occasional tea, well brewed!
We used to indulge in it with that divine smell,
My Mom's magical spell!

Winters came,
More morning sleep was our aim!
Maids were on long leave,
Lot of work was pending on the Christmas's eve!

Time was less,
Garbage was yet to go to its address!
Party was big,
All were ready to jive and jig!

Time flew by,
No time to throw the waste, I wanted to die!!!

Mom covered the bin so tight,
With all her strength and might!
She sprinkled rose water around,
In that rosy smell, all used to be drowned!

Mom's magic was always worked,
Any smell, we easily jerked!

Seasons came and went
My home, always had that beautiful natural scent!

Fragrance has made me the person I am, 
Chirpy, happy and calm!
This poem is written for 'Smelly To Smiley' contest on Indiblogger, sponsored by AmbiPure!

Image Courtesy : All images were taken from Google! 
                                                 Thanks to all who posted it on Google :) Obliged :) 

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