Saturday, 14 September 2013

Future Tops!

Life was indeed much simpler way back in time. This summer when I was at my mom's place, something pulled my attention. The simplicity of life back then! This house of mine was built before I was born. Not much has changed since then. There is just one plug point in each room and it looks like this -

Back then, just a table fan or a cooler, TV, VCR and fridge were only few things which needed the charging points. Well, the change has taken place.

Now, addition plug points and extension wire at my place loudly shouts at the dependency on the gadgets which needs to be charged. Everyone at house have their own laptop, one or two mobile phones, camera batteries! Without them, I don't think we can imagine our life any more.

We indeed have moved ahead with technology. It has advanced so much that the world has become just a click away. Be it ticket booking to smartphones of any brand, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, books, electronics, vehicles, home needs, movie ticket booking, food home delivery from restaurants! Just name it and it is available online irrespective of the brand and availability in the local market area. This ease of life has made us a complete slave of technology!

But still for complete shopping freak like me, don't enjoy online shopping for three reasons:

Touch & Feel & Smell

I am more of a impulse buyer. I like to touch and feel things and smell a few and buy! Well, no wonder my husband always complains! But who cares! Ehh! I just love shopping that way. With the way technology is taking turn every now and then, I am sure the future online shopping is going to let us indulge in impulse buying by making us actually touch & feel & smell things!

Well, need evolves imagination and imagination evolves revolutionary gadgets. My revolutionary gadget looks something like this:

All of us will have our own shoppy Top. A part of me would get into the shoppy top. (The shining star is a part of me and I am standing near my shoppy top ;) )

Once we get in, something like this would be next:

Me at the center with the entire range of products to be viewed. I can go in any say my love for mobiles can't ever die. So, I go for mobile shopping.

I can go to any brand, new or old, and have my touch and feel experience and add the product I want to purchase to the cart. I go back, get assembled myself and then get my things on the address specified and pay them online or cash. 

Coming back to present, need to send birthday gift to my niece. eBay, thanks I don't have to go to any courier place and I can do it at my convenience! Hail eBay!

P.S. : All images are mine!

This post is an entry for 'The Future of Shopping' contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by eBay. 


  1. HAhaha...thts interesting!! Shoppy top! One want to own one too!

    1. U 'll have to wait for the future... Have started working on this one ;) hehe

  2. You've worked hard on your illustrations... nice work.

    Arvind Passey