Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Smell of Love, Laughter & Life!

Tigu was going. I knew he was. My heart was sinking. But I was not sure. I was too small or may be I was not ready to accept the fact and I was behaving indifferent. 

Tiger or Tigu, as we used to call him. My dog, my best friend, My world!

Tears were rolling down from Maa's eyes. In a shaky voice she asked me me to go and get some mangoes form the fridge. It was his favourite fruit. I rushed and brought few, how much ever I could carry. She was in immense hurry. She somehow peeled it and sliced it. Took all in a plate and went to feed him. He couldn't eat much. 

Till today, smell of mangoes take me to that day when I lost him. 
Before this day my sister, brother, Tigu and me used to love summers just for mangoes and all four had a individual appetite to finish a whole bucket full of mangoes. It was a time the most amazing and carefree period of our life. But today, just the smell is enough to take us back in time. Once a favorite fruit, is not so much fun to eat after that day!
Sandalwood powder reminds me of Tigu. We used to empty it on Tigu so that he smells good all the time and we can cuddle and muddle him as we wish. Well, after him, I just smell that sandal wood powder and wonder if once I could get to cuddle and muddle him as I wish!

Dove reminds me of him. Well, the shop we used to purchase soaps, either didn't had dog soap or purposefully gave us Dove soap. Always. We used to take it, anyway! Always. Tigu was double coated German shepherd. After Dove wash, his hair used to look as good as Kareena Kapoor's. Seriously. Smooth, silky and shiny. And the smell..wah!

Tin of Gulab Jamun reminds me of that happy time, when he was around us. All three of us knew Tigu will come even before we completely open the gulab jamun box and he never failed us. Somehow he used to smell it in air and he used to head towards the fridge. We used to laugh with our tummy aching and tears falling each time he came. Even today, when I open the box of Gulab Jamun, I look around! Just to be sure, you know. He loved it soo much, he might just give a peek from the heaven, snatch that Gulab Jamun, cuddle & muddle in me and disappear, may be! Ahh!

Tigu left us long back, but he is still there strongly placed in our heart, in varied fragrance! He was fragrance of our lives! Our smiles! No other dogs could ever fill that vacant space. 

None could bring with them that smell of complete love and love and love. We miss you Tig. We miss you a lot!

This poem is written for 'Smelly To Smiley' contest on Indiblogger, sponsored by AmbiPure!

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  1. The purest emotion God ever made was called "Love"!Wonderful write up!

  2. Very warm post and now it's got me all nostalgic...smell of my dog Scooby wafting in :)