Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance,
I want to grow up again!!

Beautiful song, isn't it! Even I wished for that another chance to relive my buchpan. And it's like God somewhere fulfilled my wish.

I have become a at-home mommy after my baby was born. It has been an amazing time which we spend together. We laugh, cry, dance, sing, play, sleep, fall and get up together. Its like God has tied us in a rope together and I has given me another opportunity to grow up again with my beautiful little angel.

It's just yesterday she came and arrived many changes. Well, unknown to motherhood and everything related to mommygiri, my mom took me forward. She gave me her experience and love and time to teach me entire play of mommyhood.

When I came back from the hospital with my baby in my arms, my mom was waiting for us with a big gift package. I was thrilled to core that mom bought me goodies(like old times and that too, a huge gift package :P)

When I opened it with all my enthusiasm, I found J&J products, a huge pack of pampers and ambipure bottle. Yes, even I was shocked at sight of ambipure(rather than being disappointed that there was NOTHING...nothing for me). And my mom just smiled and said, "You will need it. Trust me."

But of course, we used it some days very often and some days less often. Hahaha. My baby is yet to learn where to do what and slowly and steadily things will fall in its place ;) but for time being, thanks to ambipure for being a saviour.

I can just say, "Indeed mom, you know it all."


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