Thursday, 15 August 2013

Independent Indeed!

Since morning I have seen school children in their white uniforms, Indian flag in their hands, happily going to school. All the vehicles, hawkers, and most of the passer by having that flag to show their spirit of independent India.

But are we really independent? Yes we are. A bit too much I feel.

Not long, I heard my driver telling me about a incident in the town -

Two communities wanted to host the flag at one point. They started arguing about their own supremacy and all this led to a huge fight. Fight which didn't had any inhibition. They fought without any fear and without any consideration of age and gender. There was a long line of men, women and of course children who came to the government hospital for getting some treatment after their fight. 

Independent, aren't we. Fight with each other, assault girls of any age, corruption etc etc. Sometimes I feel, at least Britishers had a reason to behave the way they did, what reason we will give for our own independent actions? 

Anyways, happy independence day to all of us!! Jai Hind!

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  1. We attained freedom but we didn't progressed, lets put it that way.