Saturday, 24 August 2013

First Smile!

A New born child narration!

Oh! So much light. I can't see. 
What is it? Who is holding me? Ah! let me listen. 

Mom..yes that has to be mom. She spoke to me like zillion times in a day :) Mom. Here, I come. But where is she! My favorite one? Who is this now? I don't know them. Oh! let me be. Where is she?

You told me, you'll be there,
You have toys, you will share,
You are my ..uh..yaa my sister,
You sang songs for me and many tongue twisters!

You told me, you'll protect,
It's you I want to connect!
You told me, we'll be best friends,
You'll be with me beyond the ends!!

You told me, I worry no more,
You saved lots of love and kisses about few crores!
I came to meet you, sister,
To grow up with you and your singing transistor!
You told me, we will sing and dance on its tunes,
We will together, blow up the birthday balloons!

Come fast, I can't wait any more,
There you held me! My first smile, you score!
You call me your angel,
But it's you the Archangel!

I love you from the first breath to the last!

P.S. Thank you di, for living to your promises! Life wouldn't be so much fun without you around: From Bhai & Me 
    Who is your soul sister? Blog about her.Go HERE :) 

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