Sunday 11 August 2013

Long distance relationships!

Well, I have heard that long distance relationships are difficult to handle. 

Not talking about me...nor about any other couple...I think if there is maturity in any relationship....long-distance or short-distance, relationship will always flourish. 

But long distance is difficult for my one and a half year old daughter and her daddy. Both loves to run around in house in park, they love to play cricket, and read news paper in early mornings, eat together and sleep tight.


They are inseparable when together. Although she doesn't know words, but with her actions she has made very clear that she is a complete daddy's girl(well, of course even i was one...mujh pur gai hai ;)). Her dad will make her drink water, will feed her, will make her wear her shoe and will take her down to play(which is the ultimate purpose of all this..that's what I feel at lease ;) hahaha) 

Daddy dear had to take a official tour but explaining the same to his doting daughter is just next to impossible. She is a big enough to understand that her dad is not around even at night and yet so small that explaining her about this distance is not possible.

She wakes up from her sleep startled and shouting - "Papai ayaa papai ayaa" and jumps her bed in hurry to find her dad. When the bell rings, she sees me with those bright shining eyes and a beautiful smile which says - papai ayaa. I don't know how to tell her that her dad will come after months.

Thanks to the technology - whatsapp, wechat, gmail, gtalk, FB+skype, video calls and audio calls, but all together taken, they still lacks a very important part yet - that human touch.

Whatever it is. This long distance relationship is getting tough for me to handle. Just hoping the two will meet soon and will not part ever even for a day. 

Mumma says: "Mr D come soon...our little one is missing you dearly"
And message from Daddy's doodle for her dad(this song says all):

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  1. God....any father reading this blog will immediately pack his bags and come back for his lovey dovey daughter!! god bless u all...

  2. aww what a beautiful post :) indeed technology can't replace the essence of personal contact

    1. Yesh Rajlakshmi....sure it can't and that's the irony of being in touch or not!

  3. awww...such a lovely post...i could imagine ur mili with her bright shining eyes waiting for daddy dear..i have been getting baby fevers lately! :P