Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I Love You, Always!!

Is there anyone in your life who loves you irrespective of your mood, your attitude, your wrongs and your rights?? Is there anyone who is never ever shows anger and showers love irrespective of everything?? Is there anyone who happily welcomes you at all times, what ever time it is??

Those who have had dogs, knows what i am talking about!!

I thank my elder sister and brother for their extreme love for the animals. When i could barely walk, i had my first dog to cling to and learn how to walk!! Since then, i have had not only dogs but parrot, who never got tired calling our names! Pigeons, who had generations on my rooftop! Red-eyed rabbits, whom we chased till we dropped but rarely got hold of them! And DOGS!!!

Not a man's best friend but everyone's best friend, dog. I have been lucky to have many dogs since childhood - Apso, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, German shepherds!! Jackie, Jims, Pepsi, Goldi, Vodka, Taisu, Maggi and Tiger!! I don't remember much of all of them, except the one with whom i literally grew up with - Tiger!!

Tiger, not a tiger, but an amazing dog, my bestest friend, my all secrets keeper, my companion, my protector. Nick named Tigu, Tigi, Tigz.

When he entered our lives, he was just few months old. Gradually he learnt how to walk, jump, bark, tear everything he got hold of, bite and literally everything. A huge big dog he was. Double coated German shepherd. Completely Black. When he used to go out, kids used to run here and there shouting - bear bear. Yes, its quiet confusing. A dog named tiger, looked like a big bear and behaved like a complete cutie pie.

He was different than all the other dogs. He never used to eat in a hurry like others. He used to enjoy his meals slowly in nice cool room. He used to sleep with his pillow. He loved peas, chickpeas, mangoes, guava, carrot apart from other sweets and biscuits. Everyday he used to just spread his love among us. Whether we are angry or shouting or bugged or happy, he used to be around at all times waging his tail and tongue on one side which made him look so cute that one can forget everything else and smile back at him. When he was around, life was very different. His unconditional love, at all times said to us, I love you always. And yes he did.

When i used to have fights with my brother or sister, he used to jump in between and used to bark madly so that we leave each other. And at times just for fun sake, we fought but he never failed us. He always tried to protect all of us. He pushed all 3 of us, to jump and sit on my mom's lap. When mom didn't pat him, he used bite her hands till she did. When my dad called for him, he used to be in seventh heaven cause that was a rare occasion. He left us, his food, his comfortable bed, everything if he heard my dad calling him. He used to wait at the gate for us to return from school. He used to sleep in our rooms, well yes my mom had to wake him up too as he was a good sleeper (I already mentioned he behaved little differently). Once some part of my house was getting reconstructed and someone knocked the door at night. I was scared stiff, didn't know what to do, who it was and everyone was asleep. Thank God, Tigu was in my room, of course fast asleep. I had to shake him up to respond and at least start barking so that everyone gets up. Well he did what i expected him to, once he got up. Chasing him with ball in his mouth, and he chasing us for sweets in our hands, life was all smiles.

Now when i remember his small cute activities, i can just laugh my heart out and yes my tear glands also gets active. He has been a part of our lives. Or may be more than that. Cause my heart always goes back in time to search my little baby. When ever i see clouds, i search for his image cause i know he is there looking at us, smiling with his side hanging tongue and wishing us all goodness. We miss you Tigu. We love you, Always.

Life goes on. No one can fill that vacant space but yes no one fill our hearts with so much of love and beautiful memories. Only thing i can say is - Ek Tha Tiger!!!