Friday, 25 January 2013

Fat Go Day!!!

Me, FAT, of course NOT! I am just on a heavier side - that too just a little bit. Not that it bothers me ever, but my style of dressing has been rather same in all seasons, irrespective of the in-thing dresses. No jeans, no skirt, no dresses, it all made me look fat(my view). Only full-sleeved Kurtis with tights. Varied colors, varied designs. 

Beauty lies in eyes of viewer and when ever i see the mirror you know what i saw. Actually, my eyes are full of beauty. I never bothered to visit parlor for the pain full threading, upper lip, waxing and bla bla bla. Of course, it was waste of time. I would rather watch a movie or sit with friends and gossip!

My life was fun, friends, food, party and all smiles. Like always, my friends and me went to explore a new mall. New indeed(Really!!) New shops(same brands though). New food court(however, similar food). New new people(I can't know 2 billion people in India - so of course, new). And a new concept store - Fat Go!!! This was actually a new thing. They would give a complete make over to people who were on the heavier side. New hair cut suiting the person, new make up, and the best part, new kind of clothes which make you look a lot thinner! Ooooo...I was thrilled from head to toe to see such a concept store! Oh yes. I am bored with my hair cut. With the full sleeved kurtis. I want to want to want to want to try. Not only was i excited, so were Tia and Zoi(my friends). 

We rushed in the store! We were welcomed and of course they knew who needed the make over. I was treated like a queen. Started with taking my measurements, which was not bad(Grrrrr)!! Then the beauty consultant saw my skin and suggested an appropriate make up which will suit my skin. Then a new Hair cut. Yeaahhhh(I am bad in hiding my excitements)!! Post this, i was to wear a nice black dress - stretchable, classy, awesome!! After I come out in the new dress, I will get my hair setting done and final touch up will happen. I rushed in the changing room! Tia and Zoi were waiting out to see how I look. All excited, thrilled, happpppyyyy. I changed. The dress fitted so well. I looked terrific, gorgeous, beautiful, new, fressshh.  WOOOOWWWW. OH MY GOD. Oh my god. No no no! Damn! Noooo! This can't happen. My hands and legs. Oh god. I wish i had opted for my hair removal. Damn. 

Tia:"Its 15 minutes now. Open the door yaar."
Me: No reply.
Zoi: " If you are not fitting in, shall i ask for a different size."
Me: No reply.
Tia & Zoi: "Open the door naa."

Hesitatingly, I opened the door. They exclaimed in full excitement. Wooowwww. And there goes their excitement too. 

Tia: "Oh God!"
Zoi: "Oh My God!"

Store assistant walked in there and understood the situation. 

SA:"Ma'am it is no problem. Please use this hamper from Gillette Satin Care and it will gently glide over the skin to leave behind a smooth satin radiance." 

I rushed into the bathroom. Came back with a broad smile. Positive walk. My hair setting was done. My make up got its finishing touch. And here i was. 

Everything was pink that day(except for the bill i had to pay for the make over - very hard pocket pinching). But it gave me a change i needed badly from a very long time. Divine. New looks. Different avatar.  Elevated confidence. Sky-high spirit. Sparkling new Me. Cheerful, bubbly, cherry, happyy, happyy happyy!!!

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This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with


  1. nice nice, we wana see pics of the new look...

  2. i can very well imagine you in your excited state! very well written..and yes share your pics of the new look! :)

  3. Pl share the pics...sounds good :):)

  4. Hey guys,
    Wanted to share some stuff with you. I used Vistaprint for some embroidered t-shirts with logo. Damn impressed. Check it out if you can.

  5. nice.... since when did you become so creative in your thoughts!!! loved it

  6. Its me who wrote this - 'nice.... since when did you become so creative in your thoughts!!! loved it


  7. hahaha, enjoyed the read!! hey, i cannot see anything other than this post in your blog archive. i thought, i would read some more.

    all the best for the contest!!

    1. Thnks Debajyoti....My blogs are at the site - would luv to hear ur feedback :)