Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Unbreakable - FAT!

I had always been, well on a little heavier side. Being a chubby kid was good but later, needless to say. So i will write, my fight with this stubborn unbreakable fat.

Since, i have gained my conscience, i have wanted to be a thin girl, maybe just for a day. To achieve this far fetched dream, i think i have worked on many advice i thought would work like a magic.

The first and the foremost was the "DIETING". Not eating much, eating small portions, a list of food to eat and not to eat, of course with exception to gol-guppas, chaat, paratha and sweets. Not that i didn't sacrifice on anything, i quit samosas, rice, best-veggi potato, puris, cakes, cookies and chocolates(toffees not counted.) No result was seen in 2 weeks and the diet chart very soon found a comfortable place in the dustbin. This magic trick failed. But the trail continued.

Inspired by the advertisement, seeing a fat belly going in no time, without any effort, that was the first gift i gave myself from my first salary - THE SAUNA BELT. The dieting began again along with the newly found sauna belt and the new thrill to become thin. Did it really work? In commercials, it did! But for me, i was left with few burn marks on my tummy due to excess heat of 'The Sauna Belt' and no change in me at all. Soon, 'The Sauna Belt' was under the bed till someone found it and threw it along with the garbage.

Next magic wand was of course, the VLCC. A pinch in my pocket, a new zeal, a new diet chart and the VLCC. Few weeks passed and yes i did shed some kilos(which was obvious, this time i had no exception list along with the diet chart), but later the VLCC attendant asked my to put in some more money and enroll in some more weight loss plan as my fat was - unbreakable. And this trick failed too.

My latest inspiration is the new age yoga guru, Ramdev Baba. Along with kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, triphala, loki juice, warm drinking water, yogic jogging, the fight against the unbreakable, continues. 

I don't know which one will break first - my unbreakable fat or the my unbreakable dream. At times i think, did i fail because i didn't try much? Or am i not as stubborn as my fat. The answer my heart gave me is that may be i don't have an issue in being the way i am. I enjoy my life more than fullest this way too. I have lovely set of friends and a beautiful family who accepts me in my way. Most importantly, i love myself the way i am. 

But then just for the heck of it the trial still continues. I don't know if my latest inspirations will work, but my excuse is ready. "This has to be the baby weight. When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan  has a problem in loosing it, i don't even have a Miss World crown to bother."

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  1. Biiig Hug :-). reminds me of the days when we were fighting the fat together. remember the gym enrollment? :D. well, am i have given up the fight since then..though cant say i am happier this way :)

    1. heheh how can i forget the good times....craving for some more sleep...finding real good excuses for not going to gym :) my fight in still on ;) wish me luck!!!!

  2. hahaha...this post is really nice
    And dude,i have never seen you dieting or cutting down on anything except for a month before your wedding ..
    kyunki in ur own wrds--jab bhi hum kuch chaana hua khate hain aur tel gale se neeche jata hai to kitna acchha lagta hai,hum kya batayein
    on a serious note,u really look gud this way ..the way you are ..being chubby is a part of your attraction u dont need to bother

    1. dekho har baat public mein nai kehete hai ;)S....tupid ;)

  3. Replies
    1. indi baby m taking it as a compli of course :)

  4. swarniiii... hahahaha.. remember our aerobics class?? LOL.. early morning walks.. late night walks.. vitamin walks.. diet control.. and yaaa.. GYM!!! it took us just two days to realise its value :P ;):D

    I totallyyy loveddd ur last statement.. one tight slap types hai.. how come sur dint comment abt it? I wonder!! :P

    u look awesomeeee the way u r.. chubbyyyyyy n cuteee.. wanan pull ur cheeks.. love uuu :*

    1. oh hello u 3...plzz post nice things in public and ur inner thoughts on FB in THE SPSS group ONLY!!! n yes i did try to diet.....i just had an exception list too ;) hehehe hmmm vaise i wonder too!!

  5. i loveddd this post swarni....and even i would want to know when in your wildest of dreams did u ever diet???? jhoothi..but u dont need to coz u r lovely being golu.... ;)

  6. REALLY....SPSS girlieee....not here not here...only nice comments appreciated!!!I DID DIET.