Friday, 17 August 2012

It's my turn now!!!

First child!!! How much difference in your outlook can a little small kid bring??? Well, the answer to this is A LOT.

Being the youngest kid, that too most pampered and highly protected, i have had a beautiful childhood. Memories of growing up with my didi and bhaiya just brings back a smile.

Born to 24 hours working doctor parents, life has been fun. Out of guilt of not spending much time with us, ma and papa fulfilled all all our demands every single day. Our demands were never ending and we cashed it!!

Me being the youngest(only excuse that i can cling to), I never bothered to what my parents went through to grow us up, their fear, their worries, their wishes. I had my own life, full of fun, friends and flavors. I never took time to answer back, always took just the opposite road what my parents told me to traverse. Their experience to me was not accepted, i had my own thoughts. I was a spoilt kid, amazingly difficult teenager and a stubborn adult.     

Today when i have my first child, who can barely crawl and sharing this amazing time with my parents, well i think a lot different. Hearing what my parents went through to grow us up, i just thank God for THEM.

That was an era of no pampers, my mom had troubled days and tiring nights. In spite of all the house help, a heap of clothes to wash, cleaning our bottles, making our food and to top it, our childhood dramas. They used to wake up at wee hours in morning to get us ready and head for their flourishing hospital. They used to take small breaks to check on us. They stayed apart so that we can grow well. I don't know when they taught us what is right what is not, difference of good and bad, how to use our independence correctly, how to judge, being decisive and many other lessons of life. In spite of being extremely busy, we never were ignored. We were well taken care off.

Today, when they look at my kid and say, she looks exactly like you, frankly speaking, i am terrified to the core. I have all luxuries of life. Pampers(BIG THANKS to the creator), which gives me easy days and peaceful nights. Ease of keeping her warm and cool according to the ever changing climate. With all the house help, life is certainly is easy. But there are bigger things to worry.

From where will i get that patience, how will i teach her from abc to lessons of life, from where will i get strength to handle all her tantrums, how will i cope with her stubborn(if like me) attitude.

I know my parents have passed with flying colors in growing us up, with my sister professor at a renowned medical college, my brothers growing name and successfully running two clinics, me .. ab humse acha kaun hai!! Not only professionally, but personally also we are good people. A very small word, but Thanks ma, Thanks papa.

Well, on the receiving end, life is much different. But then, its my turn now!!!


  1. beautiful...hmm so motherhood does change ppl .all in all loved reading it

    1. yes it does :) a lot!!! n thnx thnx :)

  2. That is the perspective shift they all talk of. Like 180 degrees turn.

    Of course time has changed, and technology has progressed to help the newer parents but I guess that intrinsic feeling still remains ... "My kid should get the best I can afford".

    Great post!

  3. wow ..i liked all your posts but this one is the best..

  4. can't wait to see what's coming up next

  5. don't we all take our parents for granted? that's a lovely post!

    1. Thnks Debajyoti....sure we do and we don't understand till we are in their shoes!!! Don knw wat my daughter is going to do to me :P

  6. U hit the nail madam! Nice write up :)