Tuesday, 1 May 2018

What the crap - Sonu ke titu ki wedding!

Well, I don't do a movie review and neither this one is a review of the movie. This is just my feeling...

I saw the movie and for the first time in my life after watching a movie I felt anger....irritation and everything what I wouldn't want to feel, at least after watching a movie.

Hours have passed but my anger is not going away. I just want to ask the director, and writer and the producer....

What the crap was it!!!!

Why are you all trying to prove that girls are chalu or dominating or so bad.....funny part in the movie didn't show any wrong act of sweety....she didn't misbehave with elders....she didn't fight with her beau....she was just tooo sweet. You had issue in her being tooo sweet????

Faltu kaa...haaa main chalu hu...vho chalu hai.

Tell me who in the world is not chalu...aren't you?

This actor...who is actually cute and should be doing more sensible movies, he is, for no reason trying to prove her bad.


Zabardasti ka.....drama. It really really didn't make sense.

You think no girl is that sweet, the whole movie ...without making any sense ....keeps going for more than two hours.

Pathetic....I think...the worst movie according to me was khusi ....this one easily beats that movie...

Disgusting movie.

Negative stars from my side. -5*****

I guess the director is heart broken or he lost his friends to other girls....

Its no body's fault. You please...stop demeaning girls.

There is a very very old song. These lines are part of that song...

Kissi we itne paas hai...
Ki sabse dur ho gaye!

Facts of life....

Log judenge aur karwa chalta jayega!

Of course Tutu and sweety would get married and they will be closest. Others need to understand and give some space.

Family and friends are second thought there...but even friends and family need to give space to each others to breath.

My requests:

To the pretty lady:
You are very pretty....but please don't do movies which demeans girls.

To the director + producer + writer
Please stop making films.

To the Sonu:
Please do better roles.

I wonder how no one for angry with this film. I wonder. Really!

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