Sunday, 20 August 2017

Abbu and Dabbu and Masti ki Pathshala

India has started dividing itself on basis of a new found category - English. Yes, those who speak in English and those who don't! Anyone, rich or poor, male or female, big or small, if they speak in English, they are looked up and are highly respected for the same. And why not, they know the language - jho anrgez bolte the.

My parents are doctors and they hate the fact that I am a at-home mom. According to their thinking, you can always outsource your responsibilities and do something worth your education and you must earn your bread. It keeps you as tall as your husband. True. Isn't it! Unfortunately, I am still finding out a way to outsource my responsibilities, back of my mind I always feel the push to do more.

No doubt on the fact that my parents are really upset about this fact, but one day they heard me talking, to whom I don't remember but the language of communication was - English. Their whole perspective about me changed that very day. They started giving me a little more bhav, just for the reason, that I knew how to speak fluent English. Suddenly after that day, they understood my issues. They started helping me to sort them. (English came to my rescue!)

Well, trust me, English is a turning point. At least, for us, Indians, it is a big deal if anyone speaks in good English. This is why there are many...many flourishing "Spoken English Coaching Centres." Trust me, they are minting money by teaching this language, English.

So getting back at me, one day my house help came and told me, she wants to buy an iPhone, no really! The day she mentioned it, I was shocked. I even blogged about the same. Now, of course, she didn't buy an iPhone, but she bought a Smartphone. The very next day she came and told me, "Didi, mera ek sapna pura ho gaya, ek bada phone le liya. Ab dusra sapna pura karna hai!"

I asked, "Aur dusra spana hai kya?"

She said, "English mein baat karni hai, iss phone se. Sabhi se!"

And she laughed and laughed. I smiled and said, "Tho chalo, Hum sikha dete hai"

She said, "Jub aap free hote tho main nai, aur jub main free hoti hu tub aap nai"

I said "Baat tho sahi hai. Chalo thik hai koi rasta nikalnege. Abhi pehele sapne ko enjoy karo."

She had a big smile and went to do her work.

Then I came across - Masti ki Pathshala. The best part is, actually there are many best parts...let me explain::

  1)     No fixed timings - you can learn as per your time convenience.
  2)     You can learn from the scratch - from how to greet others and so on.
  3)     The technique to teach is quiet innovative - Two cute kids Abbu's and Dabbu's image is formed in your mind and with their help, you learn how to speak in English.
  4)     You can go back, go forward or do a repeat, as per your pace of learning.
  5) Vidya Balan is teaching you man!!!
  6) You just need to give missed call to - Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788 and they call you back....almost immediately.

The best part is - IT IS FOR FREE.

What else, I guess my house help will pukka call me soon and say, "Didi, I am not coming today. I am not feeling well, you see! See you, bye didi!"

P.S.: And then she will smile broooadddlllyyyyy and do I tell my state? Phew!

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  1. Well written Swarn!

    Keep writing's always spoken from heart and inspired by the day to day life!