Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Modi-fying India!

March of our fav Mamta di, the agitation of the politicians and the sleeplessness of the riches, what is the first thing which comes to your mind?

Kitne Gaye aapke ;-)

The fiasco that people are having a lot of trouble, is definitely true. But the common man...with little money is with Modi in modifying India.

With UP election around the corner, I think every politician can understand the plight which many political parties would be going through in UP. How are they going to buy voters, how are they going to buy various MLAs to make their government, how are they going to do various rallies and advertisements. Everything needs few(many many) bundles of 500/1000!

Just wondering, if BJP has done all advertising taiyari?

Anyways, most of the common man is actually happy irrespective of the news channel's reports. There is another group who are busy complaining about Modi, his demonetization scheme and are busy looking for colleagues'/juniors'/relatives'  accounts. At first I thought it's just few funny forwards but this day I personally know of few people who have given money to their relatives and are looking for help in colleagues.

Just wondering, will they get their money back?

Not that there is no trouble due to this new change but seeing soo many riches/politicians soo troubled, it feels good :)  If not all, Kuch tho Kala dhan niklega.

I didn't even stand in line and hardly had a effect due to this change, still requesting people to keep calm and help our dear Modi uncle to modify our India.

Jai Modi-fied India!

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  1. Jai hind. Very Gus blog. I m with modi uncle. It seems manta Didi has lot of money via sardar account.