Saturday, 13 August 2016

Looonnng loonngg Time!

It's been sooooo long since I wrote my last post. I was busy here, there and nowhere. Actually, when I look back I feel I was lost in a nowhere land. 

I am here again with my super bored routine life where I find solace in writing. May be its crap. But at least it makes me feel a little better and lighter. I read a quote somewhere, 

One used to get annoyed if anyone read his/her personal dairy,
Now, one gets annoyed when no one reads their blogging dairy!

It can't be more true. I used to get soo bugged my super nosy sister and brother, who even if didn't had interest in my life(at least that's how they treated me - the dustbin-picked kid at home), used to read my dairy. I fought and got my parents buy me a lock and key dairy. That didn't work either. You would hide the key somewhere in the house, right! And with four eyes, especially wide alert the moment I used to write my diary, it was difficult. I got so mad at them that I stopped writing for a while.  

I thought my dear didi and bhaiya would stop bugging me, but they didn't. What are siblings for, right?

Few days back I found my dairy and read a lot of pages from there. Maybe I am still not okay with sharing all those thoughts with the world, not even with my husband/child or anyone, actually. That little girl in those pages, still want all those things to be shared by absolutely - NONE.

And I wondered if my blogs are really my open dairy? Well, it may exhibit a few feelings of mine, but not all. That dairy is all mine, this blog is public. I don't know who is reading me! But certainly it bothers me if people don't read/comment on my blogs. And yes, it still bothers me if my dairy is found/read by anyone!

With the hope, people start reading my blogs, here is one after loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg, and with fullllltooo hope that no one will read my dairy, there goes one! (Happy that my brother+sister's eyes are certainly off me with the location constraint :-D )

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