Monday, 6 April 2015

Let go!

Sometimes in life, it is essential to let go! 

There are so many times we take a wrong turn/decision. We miss out an opportunity which would had been a game-changing or even lose on what we hold due to our stupid mistake.

I made a mistake. Maybe a big one. Cause of that mistake I missed out on many opportunities. But the fact remains the same, what is done, is done.

How many days can you cry on a missed/lost chance?

I cried...for days! Or maybe a month! I don't know. But I cried over it so much that that my family/friends got tired of explaining me and uplifting my mood. I became a typical cry baby or a devdas as a matter of fact. Expect that I kept on crying on tea and coffees!

My state was such that even if a tsunami would have come and made my life all upside down...I would still have cried for that stupid mistake of mine.

I was not ready to forgive me. But then how long could I hold on a broken string. One fine day I just woke up and I forgave myself for the mistake. I let that opportunity go like it never meant to be.  

The moment I let go..all those feelings, I was all of sudden fine. I could breathe normally. I could a lot of goodness in my messed up life. I again put myself back again. With another dream...with another wishes and for other endeavours of life.

If you ever made an mistake...if can't let it go, just try forgiving yourself. Just try letting go! You will feel happy. You will fresh and happy.

Let go in life and let yourself be lucky...again!

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