Wednesday, 17 December 2014

For you, My Peppa Pig fan

Pig Fan!
A big pig fan!

Can you believe it. 

Since childhood if I have ever disliked any animal a lot, then it is just the pigs. The way they just become so comfortable in the dirty muddy puddles on the road side or the way they doze off in that immensely bad smelling puddles, makes them the most disliked animal. 

Not even in my wildest dream did I think that my little girl would grow up loving the - pigs. Somehow it is not only her, but me too who have started liking pigs.

Her craziness for it is so much that I had to buy a Piggy bag, a piggy talking toy, a piggy bottle. The demand list is long. So, let's go further!!

For all this craziness for the piggies, I would like to thank one and only, Peppa, the pig!

Peppa Pig. 

A very cute, simple animated show which has animals as talking people. The whole show revolves around the Peppa Pig and her family which has her little brother George, mummy pig and daddy pig. 

There are other characters like Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, Emily Elephant, Zoe Zebra, Rebecca Rabbit and their younger siblings and parents. These character might be human-like talking characters but the individual features of a character is also highlighted. Like pigs love muddy puddles, rabbits loves carrot and lives in burrow, fox smelling power and things like that. 

Unlike our animated hero Bheem, who believes in dhishum-dhisham and who is the unbeatable hero in my daughter's eyes, this animated series is way too milder. 

It deals with little problems of children, teaching them simple but important things like sharing, caring, no-fighting, playing together, singing and growing up together. I have watched the whole series with my daughter and I have not seen even a slightest physical violence of any sort.

There are no monsters, no evil creatures, lots of other animals, lots of songs, lots of picnic and lots of laughs. In fact every episode ends with a typical laughing session, where everyone present in that part falls down on their back and laughs hysterically. Trust me, even the fish in the bowl, turns upside down and laughs at the end, if at all that fish is present in that scene. 

It is a great watch for kids. I think, it teaches a lot of good things to kids. This Peppa Pig series brings out the innocence of a child and sets up a good example. 

It is so going on and on, on my idiot box. If you want to make your child watch TV for extended hours, without him/her learning all dhishum-dhisham, Peppa pig is highly recommended.

Infact, I am sure, if you watch it, you will love it too, right from the start till the end.

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