Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ariel - Our little Mermaid!!

Curls curls curls...that's exactly what i wanted all my life. But i am blessed with straight hair, well almost (not like the ones you see in the ads but hey my hair is also good :P)

On and off i keep switching my shampoos after getting too inspired by the ads and the percentage shown, and after terrible hair falls and other problems i always switch back to my basic one - Sunsilk. Yeah that's the one which my mom tells me to use and that's the only one which keeps my hair just smashing hit all the time.

Life goes on but that wish to get the curls didn't die. The disastrous post effects of artificially curling of hair has always stopped me for doing so. But till today I go green on seeing my friends perfect curls. Whatever it is now. Straight it is!

When i was carrying my baby, i thought, my baby will have perfect curls like my bro's son. Those perfect curls dangling left, right and center which adds to his cuteness like a zillion times more.

I was just waiting for my D day to see my baby and her curls. Oh she was the most beautiful sight i had ever seen. My baby was just soooo adoooraaable. No words to describe those beautiful tiny nose, eyes, fingers, toes, lips, ears. She was just soo .. perfect. Oh damn. No hair. Haha. Yeah she had hardly any hair on her head. But she managed to look perfect without them also.

I waited for a year to see those curls but hey did i mention before that i used -Sunsilk - SUNSILK STRAIGHT SHAMPOO all the way. I saw the perfect effect on my kid's hair. Well, her hair is also STRAIGHT.

We had to change her name to - Ariel. Do i really need to tell why?

When we were away at my mom's place, my husband complained a lot about the signal problems in the new house. Well, all those has been taken care by our little mermaid. Still, when we get no signal message, we know what must be reason -

We just get the signal straightened up. Whatever it may be, the prefect straight sunsilk, it is worth trying for the ones who love straight hair. For those who are carrying, you can also try your luck too. Just use it girls!! You will get that Perfect Straight hair all the way :)

What ever it may be, now i no more want curls, i am in love with the new straight hair style. I just love it and love the one who proudly carries this new and unique style. All smiles.


  1. hey nice post ..and she s so more pics care..tanuja

  2. interesting post.. your daughter is sooo cute.. big likes for her beautiful smile :-)

  3. The lil mermaid became an ariel all thanks to the Sunsilk Straightening shampoo! :P A cute chubby ariel you have!


    Kindly visit

    Thank you

  4. amazing story telling and wonderful pics..she is so so cute !!hope sunsilk makes my brother's curls smooth too :P

    1. hahaha ur maggi's hair straight...its a challenge for sunsilk ;)

  5. swarn....plz try this on me too! and gal u should have tried ur hand at advertising! i mean.....u r too good