Tuesday, 18 November 2014

HealthyMe! HappyMe!

Life doesn't turn out to be as you plan or think it would be.

Born to Indian working parents, I have always had 24 hours help at home. Life before marriage was as easy as falling in love with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Be it getting housework done to food to anything else other than sitting, hogging, relaxing, studying or the basic natures tasks, every little thing  was done by the helps. The regular ones or the replacements.

When I got married, well of course, I was still in some dream land. I was not prepared to get into shoes of the home-care-taker. I just knew how to sit and relax.

Before I could actually enjoy my newly-wed life, there was a house looking at me with the expectation that I will take care of it. Household work, food, organising, decorating and what not.

"Hello, I just can't do it!" I tried not to be too melodramatic with my husband, whom I barely knew. It was an arranged marriage and I had clearly mentioned that I don't know how to cook. But the work was much more than just cooking. But he was cool about my attitude and we decided to delegate all the household work to the maid.

Like I said, life doesn't turn out to be as you plan or think it would be.

The maid search started and to my surprise, this time was as difficult as walking on heated coal. The real comedy/tragedy started after I fixed my maid!!

I gave few patience test, failed miserably. I tried to replace the maid, just to understand that the maids can be replaced but my problems can't be replaced. It's either DIY(Do-it-yourself) or be calm and bare with them.

Crying, complaining and struggling with them, I was somehow trying to cope up with life, when God planned to play some more games.

Well, I had to travel with my kid and husband to UK for six long months. UK...isn't it exciting! Going to UK means:


Everything from cleaning to dishes to food to organizing to the kid, everything comes on my shoulder.

Excited. Me. Really!!!

I was scared more than I was while giving my board exams. I knew I will clear those exams, but this one, I was scared.

First week proved me right. It was ­­­­miserable. Bad. Sad. Work. Cleaning. My handmade bad food.
It was the first time I was forced to cook - breakfast, lunch and dinner. All week through. In India, if ever the maid didn't come, we managed a decent outside food or khichadi(rice-pulses cooked together). But eating the same khichadi for all the three meals was, of course, not possible.

So, my struggle started. I worked hard. I cleaned, arranged and with a toddler around, I rearranged. I cooked food, which was burnt or overcooked or undercooked. 

Slowly and steadily, I started making better food, which sometimes tasted just like my home-cooked food, which I craved for all these years. Oh, of course, my phone bills were on a high, but I needed some help, right!

Then I found about a health club which came as an accompaniment with my stay. Health club, me! Oh well, there was a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna bath room and steam bath room!

But obvious, a lazy bum like me, doing all the house hold work already, running after a super active toddler, I joined it. Well, I have never been to a health club which provides all these facilities and it was for free for me. Not joining this health club was just not an option.

I am, please note, just on a healthier side. Not Fat. Just on a healthier side. I am not much of a gym person. But I just love the pool and the hot rooms after a good swim.

And again like I said, life doesn't turn out to be as you plan or think it would be.

I thought I would die working. Here I was, waking up early at 6:00 AM every working day. Completing my household work by 9 and then taking my little one to the library or toddler groups and by evening going for a swim. Every day. Day after day.

People whom I met, saw me and couldn't help noticing that younger me. Happy, happy and very happy me.

The work was not the problem, my attitude was. Well, it sorted many entangled strings. I don't know how things will fall once I go back to my land, but right now, there is enough time for me to enjoy. I do all the work. I eat much better. I sleep much happier. I rise and shine day after day!

Healthy me. Happy me.

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