Tuesday, 18 November 2014

For Babli!

It was dark and cold December night. It might be the night when everyone else was welcoming the new year. But this little girl had a problem. 

In the daytime a beautiful girl, named Rani, had come to her small village. Rani's father was of this village but then he got a job in some big city. She stayed with them in a house in the city and she had come to visit her ancestral home with lots and lots of sweets. 

Babli opened her tiny little eyes and smiled as she remembered that beautiful Rani and her smile. Rani must be her age. But she was fare. She was wearing very beautiful dress and had the world best smile. 

It was dark, but there was some moon light. Babli got up slowly and tried to look into a small mirror kept on the trunk in a corner. She smiled. For herself. Her smile faded away. She held her tummy and sat there. 

Babli had a bit too much sweets and she wanted to go to the bathroom.

Solution is quiet easy, isn't it? Go ahead, switch on the bathroom light and close the door and get done with your problem, go back to sleep.

It is not so for Babli. She tries to wake up her mother taking care that her father doesn't hear. She is ashamed that she needs to go to the bathroom at this hour. I wonder if it is a matter to be ashamed of? How many of us think twice before using the bathroom for n+1 number of times in day and night.

Anyways, here we are with Babli. So, she tries to tell her mother softly, "Maaa, Maaa, I want to go to the bathroom!"

Her mother opens her sleepy eyes, trying to understand what her daughter is trying to say in her hush-hush voice, she replies, "But you just went when we were going to sleep. Is it very urgent?"

Babli has tears in her eyes. She feels sorry that she had to wake up her mother. She knows how much hard work her mother has to do and waking her up at this hour is not fair. Her mother pats her and says, "It's okay! You go. But come back fast. Be careful. I am waiting!"

Babli smiles. Her mother can't accompany her cause of her kid sister and brother sleeping in the house. Plus, Babli doesn't has to go far. Her bathroom is just a mile away.

Babli opens the door as softly as she could. She shuts the door behind her. The air is colder than she expected. She could hardly breathe properly. She was shivering and trying to go to her bathroom in the moonlight. She passes her friend's house. The entire village seems to be sleeping. She was fast but careful not to make any noise. She think of Rani again and smiles. She thinks where Rani would have to go if she wanted to use a bathroom.

She reaches her destination. The pungent and intolerable smell is the key feature of this place. Open starry view above. Bushes as the wall. She tries to get a clean place to defecate. The sound of water flowing near-by, the cold breeze and thought of Rani, Babli didn't seem to be in any hurry.

When almost she was through, she heard footsteps. Someone was calling for her. Oh, it was her dad. She came running on the main road and almost collided with her father. Her father yelled at her, "Do you even know how cold it is and what time it is? You couldn't find a better way to trouble us in the night? Couldn't you wait till morning. Fool. Now hurry home. Silly girl!"

Babli just looked down. Tears rolling down her cheeks. Humiliated. Embarrassed. Just making a small promise to herself, "From tomorrow, just a sip water and half roti!"

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Hope we do get the solution to Babli's and other kids' huge problem. Hope they all eat as much roti and drinks as much water, as much they wants to.     


  1. Very pathetic. This poor girl has no bathrooms at her home. This is a major problem now a days. It should be changed.

    1. True Anusia....DomexIndia is contributing in its own way and we must also try to educate our houseworkers to build one at their houses. For the sake of hygiene, for the sake of safety.