Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Visa Fever!

Well, just a few days back my husband and I got this - visa fever. 

My husband was to go to United Kingdom for six months. So, our plan was that my daughter and I will tag along with him. All said and fixed, we started the process. 

Collecting all the documents, searching/reading/surfing net vigorously to find out if we missed anything or anything else is required, visiting the visa agent and getting the documents list verified. It was some days.

Usually the visa application process for UK is such that you don't get to know if your visa is approved or rejected till the time your passport is in your hand and you actually check it. But before you get your passport, GENERALLY you get two mails.

What happened with me::

I got a mail on Thursday before noon that my passport has been couriered from Bombay(That's how I like to call Bombay). So, both of us were eagerly waiting for the visa to arrive on Friday(you know, blue dart is fast and Bombay-Pune is not much of distance and in normal cases it takes that much time or less.) I religiously sat at home for the whole day, not stepping my foot out even for a short while. Friday just passed.
We were not expecting the visa to arrive on Saturday and Sunday. So somehow we killed time, kept on checking the increasing fare rates.
So, the Monday arrived. We geared up to receive our passport that day. For sure. Again, I stayed at home, not stepping a foot out, paying full attention to the bell. My craziness had increased so much that even a small knocks, even if it was at the neighbour's door, I checked. Just to be sure.

Nothing. No mails. No courier. And it was 6 'o' clock in the evening. The Monday passed by.

It was time for us to be worried/anxious/sad/disheartened. We assumed that our visa has been rejected and hence it is taking so much time to reach us. Well, we didn't say these things to each other. We tossed and turned on bed. Not talking. May be, slowly preparing ourselves for the worst. To stay away from each other for six months.

Although, I am a overly optimistic person but somehow the new dawn didn't bring the hope. I was just preparing myself to face people and tell them that I am NOT going to UK. Well, my husband went and came back from office in an hour, to wait with me for the courier or may be to just be with us for some time. You know, we might just be away for a long time.

Noon passed. We checked my mail like every second to receive the second mail, which I didn't receive till now. Then we checked the Blue dart site. We found out that it has started from Bombay on Monday evening. So, we analysed that we will receive the passport by Tuesday, that was this day.

In our heart, we became sure that after receiving first mail on Thursday before noon, courier was done on Monday evening. It can't be normal process of visa being approved. Still, we waited.

Ironically, there were two big blue dart trucks entered in our society. We were sure that it will carry out small passport in those big trucks. Well, they just delivered small packets to people and went back. Aaaagraahh!

It was almost 4 pm. We finally decided to have our lunch. We ate quietly. We were midway our lunch, engrossed in Tom & Jerry, the bell finally rang. Before we could answer the door, our eyes met. We knew this was it. My husband hurriedly opened the door.

Finally! The passport was there in our hands! While he signed, I just tore apart the packet and flipped through the page to find out.

OH MY GOD! Oh my god! It was done. I got my visa. I got my daughter's visa. Oh my God. Oh my God. We hugged each other like we won some strange battle with the stars. Well, it was some time.

Posting from Leicestershire !

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