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UK Visa Facts!

I applied for UK Visa and there were so many things which I could find on net very easily and there were few other things which I didn't find any mention off even after rigorous searching. 
In this era of 'Right to Information' I think we need to know the lesser known facts too, of any process. So here I am, with some known and some lesser known facts.

UK Visa applying location :: Pune (India)
UK Visa Processing office:: Mumbai (India)

Known Facts::


As I applied for the tourist visa, here are the list of documents which were required: 

1)     Original passport (06 Months valid from the date of travel) + previous passport         if any.
2)     2 Colour photograph with white background, matt finish size 35 mm X 45 mm         80% face Size   
3)     Covering letter mentioning your travel details.
4)     Original Bank statement for last 6 months updated.
5)     Salary slips for last 6 months.
6)     Personal Income Tax copies for last 3 years
7)     Leave Letter from company.
8)     Other financial papers NSC, PPF, Bonds, FD, shares property papers, etc.
9)     Original Leave letter.
10)    Appointment letter from company.
11)     Pension passbook / slips.
12)    School / College ID card copy.
13)    Hotel Bookings

Documents from UK

     1.      Passport & Visa copies.
     2.     Invitation letter.
     3.     1 accommodation proof.

Documents if someone is sponsoring.

    4.      Passport copies or any ID card copy in which name and signature seen.
    5.      Sponsorship letter.
    6.      Company registration copy.
    7.      IT returns for last 03 years
    8.      Bank Statements for last 6 months.
    9.      Salary slips for last 03 months( if employed)
    10.     FD’s, Property papers, Shares, etc


After you apply for UK Visa, you generally receive three mails from the UK Visa office.

   1. When your application is received in the head office. (In my case, when my                   application reached Mumbai office, I received my first mail.)  

   2. When your application is processed, you will be intimated that the Visa has been            processed and will be ready for dispatch. (There is no mention of whether it is              approved/rejected.)

   3. When your Visa reaches the office where you applied and is ready for dispatch from        there too, you receive the third mail.

Days taken in processing:

If you are applying for first time/ normal time frame, it generally takes 10-15 working days. Or, once you get the second mail, you can expect it any time.

But in every case, the time frame is respected and you receive the passport for sure within these 10-15 working days.


You receive your UK Visa from the Blue Dart courier.

Lesser Known Facts::


Talking about the marriage certificate: If you don't have a marriage certificate, an affidavit will work as good. (My visa was done on an affidavit.)

In general cases, you get all the three mails which I mentioned above. 

But in some cases, like mine,
Ø  I got the first mail of acknowledgment that my visa has been received at the UK Visa processing centre.
Ø  I got the second mail that it has been processed and is ready for dispatch.
Ø  I didn't receive the third mail. In some cases this mail is not received. (My husband got this mail, I didn't receive it.)


Like I said before, the time frame is strictly adhered too. You can check the list of holidays from the UK Visa office site. Exclude those holidays and count the number of working days from the day you received your first mail.

Within these 15 working days, you can expect your passport to arrive. (My husband passport reached in 6 working days and mine took 12 working days.)


After you receive your second mail, you can actually track your passport location. We looked for this information and finally we sorted out this process. 

1.      Got to this site -

2.     Click on the reference number button:

3. You get a acknowledgement sheet from the UK Visa office when you apply. In that   sheet, there is a reference number mentioned. 

     You need to enter that reference number here in this location:

Then enter go.

If your passport is in transit, the entire location details and the expected timing will be mentioned in detail. 

This tracking is very helpful as you know exactly what time you can expect the passport to arrive. In some cases, like mine, I got my second mail on Thursday, no mails further and the passport reached me on Tuesday. ( - The detail description of my dramatic event of receiving my passport.)

Well, we had a nail-biting time and figured all these tracking process on the day we received my passport. But information is out there, we just need to know how to get it on time. Here you are!

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