Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tolerance towards Maggi..Maggi...Maggi!

Maggi is back...with a bang. The ads are all over, leave ads, Maggi is all all the supermarkets, in all the small kirana stores and may be houses too. Not sure though. 

Whenever I see that advertisement....."मेरी माँ सही थी, मैं भी सही हूँ", that is enough to remind me that my mom always told me, "Don't eat too much maggi!" Right from the beginning. I, like many others, was sooooo fond of Maggi(*3), that I always used my super power of selective hearing. 

Maggi has been my saviour after marriage. All I knew was Maggi(*3). Whenever my maid took chutti, I made, super-dry maggi, too-watery maggi, too-hot-maggie, No-masala-maggi, soup-overcooked-maggi, too-much-onion-maggi, no-onion-maggi, jala-hua maggi, kucha maggi, not-so-perfect maggi and perfect maggi. 

My baby, as expected, she loved..loved maggi. I was skeptical about giving her the same, so at times she used to get the treat when she behaved well. 

पर जब मैग्गी पर सवाल उठे, my mom was the first one to call me, and tell me to immediately throw away whatever I had in my pantry. My selective hearing was on and I was waiting for a miracle news that all tests shows, Maggi is fine. 

But no. There was some problem. Some major problem. Such a problem that all Maggi packets were called back. 

I felt soo hurt, cheated, sad.

मेरी माँ सही थी, मैं गलत थी! 

Now when I see the ads, it definitely brings a smile....vho raat ki cooking, vho jaldi,easy khana, that super yummy taste...Ummmm! 

But I have a question, we (many of us, at least) were soo angry with Mr Khan for that super famous Intolerance comment, we(many of us again) called him names and what not? 

Are we going to forgive maggi soo easily? For actually cheating us? For playing with our health? For playing with our children's health? If maggi सेफ थी, then why was a callback done? Why yet many states have not allowed maggi? 

I don't know if it is just a thought or am I still sad that Maggi did wrong to all of us!

That's said, I wonder if I will have the courage to go back to Maggi. But knowing my love, love, love for the maggi, maggi, maggi, my husband has made a plan. It's my anniversary soon, and I have got a news from my khufia sources that my husband has planned a surprise Midnight Maggi party for me. 

Well, what can I say, I just hope my bucha sleeps through this party :/ 


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