Monday, 7 July 2014

Borosil - Beautiful Food!

Fat! Me....of course not! I am just on a little healthier side. I think it's just a way of my being. A complete foodie. 

As a child, I have always been on the side where you just eat. My mom has a passion of serving the simplest of food in her fancy Borosil utensil where the beauty of the food automatically increases. She thinks, beautifully served food, satisfies your soul. 

It's 100% true. Well, now when I get to handle things on my own, I thank God for inheriting her art of presenting the food beautifully. 

It was just after I got married and barley settled my kitchen according to my taste, I had uninvited guests, in a bulk, during lunch time. My husband's friends and their families. They thought of giving us a surprise visit (That day was just a beginning of numerous happy visits of theirs'!) So, they rang the bell continuously till we opened the door. They yelled or sang some song, I couldn't figure out, may be because all I could think was, "whoooo what am I going to feed them with!"

To my surprise, they brought us a yummm looking cake, gulab jamun and the best biryani in town. Oh, thank God! A sigh of relief. 

As the chit-chat began and everyone started getting settled, I made some fresh lemonade and served them in my VISION JUG SET. Along with it, I served some chips and tortillas with a dip in my CHIP AND DIP. I could see the excitement in the air, when everyone saw the lemonade jug where the lemon slices were adding to the tangy flavour and the aroma. The chips was the usual, but the way it was presented with a dip, made them jump for it. And the plate was refilled...Haha!

After the freshening up part, it was cake time. I saw one of them taking out the cake in a plate. I went ahead and took out my CELEBRATION PLATTER and placed the cake on it. A glass platter which holds a cake in the classiest way possible, made the cake look more than royal. 

All of them cheered. Most of them were just awe by the beauty of the platter. 

It was time to eat lunch. I took out my ENGLISH SUMMER - MILANO 35 PIECE MELAMINE DINNER SET. Everyone knew what the food was, but when I served it, the bright white and yellow long rice playfully hiding the chicken pieces which were fully mixed with the masala. There were some green, red and yellow veggies which just added to the colour of the food. The aroma of the javitri, kesar and the mixed species, filled the room. The raita along with it, was also creating magic. Some cucumber was peeping from one corner and some onion was boldly standing high, ready to give the perfect crunch in the mouth. 

Everyone looked at the food and the look in their eye told me that their soul's will be satisfied, for sure. They ate first with their eyes. Then with their mouth. 

To end the feast, there was a simple item, Gulab Jamun! Of course, it is not simple to make it, but you see, how simple it is to eat the Gulab jamun. You just have to place it your mouth and it just melts away. Haha! 

I served my favourite sweet dish in a 3 IN 1 RECTANGULAR DISH of Borosil. The thick chashni was enjoying the fights of the black gulab jamuns which happily danced around in the bowl. Even when the gulab jamun balls settled down, they seemed to be happily enjoying the sweetness of chashni coated around them. Well, the very look of it was appealing enough for everyone which made them have one or more, and they all reached the final state of nirvana! 

Everyone looked content, not just full.
Everyone looked pleased and happy. 
I always heard what my mom said, "beautifully served food, satisfies your soul."
That very day, I understood what it actually means!

Now, it's my turn to say it always...
"Beautifully served food, satisfies your soul!"

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - Mybeautiful food.

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