Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Signature dish...My baby's Wish!!!

I am not a food blogger but I am a new mom of a complete tantrum baby queen. My doting daughter is a year and a month, but she manages to throws zillions of "nakhras" while eating and drinking milk. I have to run behind her with food or milk, request her, plead her, scold her, well, of course, all in vein. My baby's peevishness in eating takes me to kitchen most of the time to try various healthy things which can provide maximum nutritive supplements to her in each byte she takes. 

I tried a new healthy cutlets to make her eat some veggies and soya granules which makes her smile and she actually asks for more. Here's my recipe:


1.  Boiled potato - Potato are rich in carbs and which gives her energy to put the house upside down just a 100 times in a day.

2.  Par Boiled Carrots - Carrots are good for eye vision as i don't want her to wear spectacles all her life like me :(

3.  Par Boiled Peas - Peas are good in zinc, iron, vitamins and tastes delicious. 

4.  Boiled Soya Granules - Soya granules are rich source of protein (My baby HATES milk, so I need to look for other good sources of calcium and protein).

5.  Coriander: Coriander is very good for eyes and keep eyes away from various contagious diseases.

6.  Onion: Apart from adding to the taste of the dish being made, it contains small quantity of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

7.  Roasted Cumin seeds: These common looking seeds have immense goodness and very nutritive and additionally helps in digestion.

8.  Hing: Just a pinch of hing and it eradicates many digestive problems, stomach aches and intestinal worms.

9.  Bread Crumbs: Tastes amazingly good.

10. Rice Bran Oil: I specifically use only this oil as it has the power of anti-oxidant and adds awesome flavor to the food being cooked in it. It is a complete yes yes for my baby and everyone else in the family.

Take all the above ingredients in a bowl except the rice barn oil:

Mix well using your hands or fork:

Heat the rice bran oil in a pan and make small cutlets and toast them over medium flame:

Toast the cutlets on both sides and serve with sauce or green chutney:

Well, this is not the end result which pleases me, but the following is, yeah sure:

Yes, she loves it and eats little by little with minimum help from others. I save my energy from running behind her with the plate and with the food almost untouched. With just a little bit of hard work in the kitchen, my baby eats :) and the plate becomes empty..yes it does!!

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